This is Guka - The Oracle of Ndeiya Predicts. The Gay Comedian of Ukraine is Kaputnik...

These low IQ low effort takes peleka kwa echo chambers zenyu Reddit.
Degree muhimu sana

Wacha ujinga :D:D:D

So I clicked. They refer to former Israeli PM is one of the few ‘Western leaders’ to meet Putin?? [Insert image of confused negroid with question marks]

We unaona nani anatetemeka? Shock and awe ya Russia hata hakuna otherwise why let your people die of there is something you can do

Aliambiwa nini ingine, aendelee kuua Russians tu ama?

Bush Knocked Down the Towers

They did try to kill him especially in the opening phases of the conflict. And dont take Putins word for it… he also promised he isnt going to invade Ukraine

Wapi effidense?

Vipi mcheshi?

Do you ever get tired of making an idiot of yourself or is that you so badly disillusioned to think whatever you say is the smartest thing ever said? You are so desperate to appear smart that it’s actually entertaining.

Go get a degree

It’s called the false flag operation.

Another thing!..obsession is a sure sign of lack of. Everyone knows that except you.

Ukimaliza kulia ingia kwa website ya University of Arizona and tell them you voted for jambazi Ruto. They’ll give you a scholarship

RIP homosexual shitt Zelensky

I thought the same , the drone looks like a toy , secondly were was the Russian celebrated defences as the drone flew all the way from Kiev to Kremlin? Cheap propaganda

I thought homosexuals love each other Mzee wa faxe ? You are fagget he is a fagget you must be allies

Hizi ma degree si mupatie @hotwater engineer moja