This is Guka - The Oracle of Ndeiya Predicts. The Gay Comedian of Ukraine is Kaputnik...

Russia has exercised great restrain from using some of it’s most devastating weapons against Ukraine. Only when provoked - like in the bombing of the Crimea bridge or the murder of captured soldiers - does Moscow usually respond with devastating force.

Lakini Asante ya punda ni mayeke. Ukraine has today attacked the Kremlin with two suicide drones in what Peskov has said was an attempted assassination of President Putin ahead of Victory Day celebrations.

Say your prayers for the gay call comedian. He’ll be alighting from earth pretty soon…

Meza whitecap na jaba polepole

Finish. them.

Malisa iyo mzee


You cant say for sure it was Ukraine. It could have been Russia to give it a pretext to go personally after the Neo Nazi Zelensky or even to escalate things in another fashion.

In any case, bombing the Kremlin, which is huge, and you have no idea where Putin is in there doesnt make semse.

Countries use pretexts like this all the time especially during war.

Russia pretext for attacking Ukraine is that its run by Nazi

Nazi Germany dressed some prisoners as polish soldiers and claimed that Poland attacked them first.

Idi Amin dressed some soldiers as Tzedians and attacked some villages on the Ug side of the border and claimed that as justification for its attack on Tz.

America claimed Saddam had WMDs… the list is endless…

There is nothing the p*ss in boots Putin will do…they will not retaliate. They will just issue threats of ‘their response will take at a place and time of choosing’. Nordstream? How many times have we heard of that before? What have they been waiting for? A nuclear warhead to hit the Kremlin?


WSR will be more powerful than Putin

This is fake news but even if it had been real hakuna chenye Putler angefanya

Shut up, you’re supposed to cheer and say “msito putin” after every few sentences where you extol the virtues of mzungu putin so that you can connect with the rest of the lot. :D:D:D

I see it as a Western tactic to drag Russians full in the conflict.


Ukiona antics kama hizi jua ni frustrations and they are projecting them with such cheap shots…

Ukiona state imeanza ku resort to terror, jua that its conventional capabilities have been severely degraded

Russia is staying the course and proceeding with demilitarization and denazification.

If Putin wanted Zelensky dead, he’d be dead. When the SMO started Zelensky hid in a bunker fearing a Russian missile strike. After receiving Putin’s word that he wouldn’t be killed ndio akatoka kujigamba vile he’s unbwogable
Former Israeli PM: Putin promised not to kill Zelenskyy | AP News

Mzee utanipea lini?

Nonsense, Putin is finished and Russia is effectively a satellite Chinese state.

It was a red flag to kick out gaylenski before the hype counter offensive. Ukraine is gone. It will a future reference how corruption brought down a country.

I see what you did right there

Mungich ungetype tu na kisapere alafu tutumie google translate