This is Guka - Shiet! Kumbe Lake Victoria Tragedy Wiped Out Scores of Ugandan Celebrities (PICTURES!)

Templar Bisaso, owner of the boat that capsized, and his wife. Ugandan police say they both perished in the accident.

Some of the well-known deceased, from left: Sheila Mbonimpa, Brian Ndori (aka Chuck Brian Salvator) and Isaac Kayondo. Uganda media sources say all perished in the unfortunate accident.

Esther Namutebi, another well-known Kampala socialite who perished.

Let it spark safety conversation especially use of life jackets on those boats

Just like the Tanzanian tragedy this one occurred just a few metres from the shore. Most of these guys would be alive if they knew how to swim or had life jackets. Total waste I tell you…

Siku ikifika imefika. May their souls R.I.P.

Mzee do you know how to swim na weka video za warembo before the boat capsized i know you have that clip.

Funny, but most seem to be wearing life-jackets. Video taken about an hour before the tragedy. Hii hapa @pamba

Some pervert will still talk about kuoshwa mecho. Unluckily though!

Cream, cream

They were probably drunk by the time it capsized or high on drugs.

Ama kuna fluid dynamics za boat kusink ambazo sielewi.

Siwezi kufa maji kama hayo ata bila life saver.

They seem to be in life jackets… Anyways… Fate had them all in that boat…

Gîkuû gîtirî njamba.(Death has no heroes)

yep, also wiped out a number of Bobi Wine votes too
These kids were from rich families. Their top tier entertainment joints yaani B club na Kiza za huko zitaumia kiasi.
Left me wondering why we dont utilise Lake victoria recreationally the way Ugandans do. This is not the first time am hearing about cruise parties and beach parties on Lake victoria.

I’ve had the idea for the longest time. I don’t know why people don’t do it here.

Another idea I had like 10 years ago? Instead of buying land at super inflated prices say at Naivasha, Kisumu or the Coast, why not go there and build an artificial island and then put up your small resort there? Initially I was thinking that one could use empty plastic water bottles, but these have now gone out of fashion with environmentalists…any way, just ideas…

Now seriously…how do you expect drunk people to start swimming life jackets not withstanding?

I see a bunch of them had no life jackets . These are the ones that maybe were holding the ones floating with life jacket drowning both of them … but I wasn’t there just thinking .

Very likely…really tragic.

They don’t have access to an ocean you know

A majority of Kenyans have never been to Mombasa but a good number can easily access L. Victoria (am thinking about Busia, Kakamega, Vihiga, Kakamega, Nandi and all former Nyanza counties)…

Majority of Ugandans

Majority of Ugandans have never been to R. Vicky too. You think the Ushs70k was affordable to many in UG? Same way the mido class in Kenya go to coast irrespective of where they come from

may they rest in peace