This is Guka - Njaruonation. Gikuyus You Have No Business Here..

The other day I told you folks that the njaruonisation of the editorial department of the once iconic Nation should see us mdomo kauka Mungichs have a small meeting thutha wa hama.

After all, you are the company’s leading local shareholders, readers and advertisers.

You thought I was joking.

Pick today’s edition of the Daily Nation.

Virtually all the leading news features are on Njaruozzzzzzz, by Njaruozzzzzzz!

Kuna ile ya yule msichana alikula risasi while joining rioters to pelt police with stones in Kisumu. A 19 year old Form Two.

Then kuna a whole feature of an Omondi family that has disappeared in Shakahola. Who cares?

Turn the page and then eti we have to read about a dim-eyed orangutan who started a fight at Hornbill, Rongai, (surprise, surprise, isn’t that their pastime?) akatupwa kwa septic tank na bouncers.

Ukurasa mwingine is given to a njaruo musician lamenting about his tanking career eti Uhunye forgot about him after he sang his praises.

In all those stories, kama kawaida ni kilio, oooh sirkal, ooooh my child was an angel, bla bla shit…

Man! Maaaaaaan!

And that’s after all the endless daily Raila this, Raila that, nonsense…

And you and I, good Kenyans from Mt Kenya, North Rift, Kambaland et al, are supposed to buy this shit. How now? Why?

If the Aga Khan doesn’t act soon hii inakufa…


Ambia okuyu alambe masomo kwanza sio kukimbiria quilo na biachara za mitura, ndundiro, mara na wariungu huku akisema hasora apewe muda anajua anachofanya. Ion, why don’t you tell the other Kikuyu bosses to employ their kin like their counterparts the njaruos

Wewe tunakujua kama yule mzee mwenye hakusoma

Hiyo Engrish hapo juu ni ya nyanyako? Ama you think all dailies are delivered on my desk at 5am because niko Pipeline kama wewe?

English is not a measure of intelligence we mzee.

Mama pima mchafu pale kimilili aliyenyamba @uwesmake akaanguka kwa floor ya level 2 dispensary kama amejishikilia clitoris refu vile wanajeshi huruka kwa helicopter na kamba anauza busaa na coomer pale kimilili.

I endorse the violence

I was expecting a more lethal reply from you…

Ati Twitter account ya ntv pia ime Malaysia

Right now, I am sinking my veined 9 inches in Okuyu bitches cunts. Then I send them back to their boyfriends and imagine they are my gf so that when somebody will actually do that to me, I already know how the pain feels like and I wont have to end up traumatized and PTSD-ed like this old mongoose.

Okuyus can’t write… I blame githeri for lacking essential nutrients for brain development…

The print & broadcast media is under siege. Wacha dawa iingie pole pole. The carcass is carcassing

A njaruo feels he has made history after fucking a kyuk gal

I agree. And it makes me happy to see Okuyu niggas lament every second of the day as if you had your pussies attached to your wives. The joyof fucking an Okuyu bitch lies in seeing their men lament all day on social media. Some men, like old boy here @FieldMarshal CouchP have never recovered. A nine incher severed their relationship.

[SIZE=7]tribalists ni watu meffi[/SIZE]


Whereas no one cares about their fish faced njaruo women. I have never felt the urge to nut in a njaruo girl in my life, even those who are good looking like Joyce Omondi. There’s this lingering thought that their cooches smell like raw omena being boiled. I swear that’s the worst smell in any plot occupied by Luo ladies. I would hate dipping my deek inside them poosies

With all these tribalistic comments, halafu mnasema mnataka kusimama kama wananchi wa kenya kwa umoja mjenge kenya upya? This hatred is too deep to overcome. My, oh my…

Mzee mjinga illiterate umekaa hivi ukidu…ama wacha tu hii kijiji ilirogwa


Wacha zako. What about me?