This is Guka - Nimesema na Nitasema, Huu Ujinga Tuwache Please

Local politics is extremely dwarfed by conspiracy theories going on/out. Ever heard of the global mudflood? An advanced global civilization(Tartaria) got wiped out. The planet has depopulated five times before, my bet it will happen again.

The flood did happen, it’s not known exactly when though, how do you think the Bible got it’s Noah story. The black sea in upper turkey and Eastern Greece comes to mind.

the difference between me and you is that my info is from books, news freely available and yours is from gifs.
@Mrs Shosho has enumerated some ways in which the so called ‘first family’ have cannibalised this country.
Read Not yet Uhuru, all of Joe Khamisi’s books- start with looters and grabbers. Read wikileaks. Find out why Bildad Kaggia refused mzee’s manenos.
Corruption in Kenya goes way back: Which President will tame the vice?

I have tried to handle you with kid gloves but it isn’t working.

And I think you are too dumb to know what you are calling ‘absolute stupidity’ is harmless online banter between anonymous people.

I don’t want to respond to every ad hominem by every two-bob hoe, but there’s a reason why my posts often attract the highest views sweetheart. And having a communal vagina ain’t one of them…

Retarded thread from aretarded octogenerian . Hapa unakemea corruption on another thtead you champion the lords of corruption. Just die

It becomes pathetic when you take to ingesting all forms of information online without checking it against basic facts. I would strongly suggest you enlist for a free course in geology to prevent the disaster you are likely to become some years from now.

People learn from gifs and you get this info cuz he hit someone on the head for asking questions yet it doesn’t say the place or time… Funny how your resources have a lot of gas and no real info… And I ain calling him a Saint but yall eating a lot of propaganda my fren

As usual the old demented man said nothing

Sasa Poyoo? Unanunua moja lini?

Kid gloves aka sexual innuendos do not work with me. Where do they lead anyone anyway? You cannot teach me dot about banter. I have been online hehehehe for a long time. Well not as bitchy as this one.

Dumb is a kofia I wear with golden pride huku. The day my honchos at work will label me dumb nitasikia vibaya sana. They head hunt me careerwise and pay me good. In the middle of a hot contract now. Shinda hapo ukiniita whatever it is.

Bye now.

The best contraceptive is economic development. Just look at how the nordic countries are grappling with dwindling populations. And in any case we need the numbers to keep our economy running, china has taken advantage of their billion population to become a super power. This is free cheap labor!

I blame the gov, its not creating enough opportunities for its people and the real catalyst for this should be the national gov. Solution? Agriculture. If people in central are idle, its because coffee farming was killed by corruption, if people in western are idle its because corrupt leaders are importing cheap sugar. KFC are importing their waru for chips, why? Coz our ministry of agriculture does not have any tangible policy regarding potato farming. And if they do imelala kwa cabinet mahali. We import tomatoe paste from egypt for making tomatoe sauce! You saw maize farmers wakiambiwa wauze mahindi yao at a loss??? Brookside and the royals are now hell bent on making sure the milk farmer will forever remain poor. Agriculture could be the single largest employer in ke, assist farmers in production and ensure they get fair returns. Why spend billions on gulana instead of empowering local farmers to farm maize using modern methods and increase yields? Because our gov is too lazy to think! Agriculture will decongest our cities, reduce crimes, increase the tax base, make us food sufficient, increase exports, spur the growth of processing units/manufacturing. But it has to be a policy decision by Serikali. Kenyans are hardworking but how where do you expect them to start on their own? Worse if you are frustrating their tiny efforts?

The flood in the Danube delta happened, there’s no doubt about that. How you choose to interpret it is your choice. Back then the world was smaller. So the civilized world was around the Greek -Turkish Levantine area and therefore the Bible somehow poached that history and turned it into legend. Whether there was an advanced civilization or even a Noah is beside the point.

I care less about those who need to be taught how to open their eyes. With all your geology what have you uncovered? What I write and what I believe in are only subject to my mental gate keeping.

Nimjibu? Nisimjibu? Aaah
Even cucu attracted high views chieth. Plz follow her wherever she went to na si tafadhali…can’t stand egomaniacs! Yuck


What are they being marshalled for when what we need are factories and other production industries for the basic goods we need. What about farmers who suffer from price control issues and brokers?

Stop ignoring this comment @FieldMarshal CouchP

Agree with you 98%. Except ap kwa population. For china to develop IT STOPED ITS POPULATIO GROWTH FOR 30 YEARS. STOPPED!

Sir, I have not. It is true I think that Waititu wa exaggerating his contributions to Kiambu projects. At least two other local leaders said so on the show.