This is Guka - Nimesema na Nitasema, Huu Ujinga Tuwache Please

I recently watched the entire interviews by Jeff Koinange with Sonko and Waititu. It is obvious to me that Jeff is a sub-standard journalist who, like a colleague here, is full of 130kg blubber. I find the pompous shit insufferable.

Any way, this is not the reason for my writing.

What struck me about the two gentlemen (the gavanas) is that they seem genuinely committed to transforming their counties. Sonko is slowly but surely dismantling the cartels that have forever turned City Hall into a cesspool of corruption. And contrary to earlier fears, Waititu is turning out to be a more astute investor of public funds than Kabogo, his Kikungrish notwithstanding.

It gave me food for thought. The fact is Kenya has had many such leaders since independence - selfless individuals who sacrificed for the welfare of the general public. In the rising cacophony of the low IQ noise about how ‘our leaders are stupid and corrupt’ these outliers - Jomo Kenyatta and basically his entire first Cabinet, the likes of Taita Towett, Mwai Kibaki, Muthaura, Kibwana, Kituyi, Matiang’i etc etc etc are buried in a heap of self-serving crap that does not address the real issues why the majority of Kenyans - A MAJORITY OF YOU HERE - are poor.

I have said it and will continue to say it until I die; yes Kenya has a serious corruption problem. If we don’t get to grips with it we run the risk of destroying our country some day.


As far as the later is concerned, there are entire swathes of this country where people who are supposed to be productive just laze in the sun from morning to evening waiting for the cows to come home. This is especially true for men; women are usually busy fending for the family. You only need to visit parts of the Coast and Northern Rift Valley to see what I mean. At least 30 per cent of our population does not make any effort to improve their lot (hata kuchimba pit latrine zao hawawezi, kujenga classes za matope hawawezi, digging their own boreholes hawawezi, kila kitu ni serikali saidia). And yet these same people expect ‘free’ first-class medical, education, emergency, etc etc services from ‘government’.

In the case of population growth, I will use the same sentence I have used before; no, it’s not the corruption of our leaders that has led to unemployment. Today, Kenya is among the fastest growing economies in the world. Hundreds of foreign-owned businesses are making Nairobi their Africa Headquarters. Virtually all international NGOS also have their continental offices here. BUT THERE IS NO WAY A COUNTRY LIKE KENYA CAN CREATE 1.4 MILLION JOBS EACH YEAR TO ABSORB ALL THE BRATS THAT ARE BEING BORN TODAY. No way.

The fact is - and you won’t hear it said because its an unpopular fact - Africans including Kenyans are breeding themselves into deeper poverty than they were in 30 years ago. It is why thousands are dying in the Med today, but the convinient scape-goat of course is that old refrain, “our leaders are corrupt.”

Until we get to grips with some of these unpalatable facts, we will continue to wallow in a miasma of poverty and want, and the efforts of the likes of Waititu and Sonko will not amount to much.

And I thought this was about waititu and sonko kumbe all along ni mambo ya breeding like rats…

Kuchimba kisima in a rocky area using what? Then again why should we be taxed if kujenga barabara ni sisi, kuchimba maji ni sisi, kujeNga shule ni sisi. LET THEM NOT TAX US AND WE WILL HAPPILY DO EVERYTHING FOR OURSELVES. AS LONG AS WE ARE PAYING TAXES WE WILL SEAT RELAX AND WAIT OUR MONEY ITUFANYIE KAZI.

Depopulation agenda agent

very valid point but undone by one simple truth- Waititi lied thoroughout the interview.
half the projects he enumerated were done by National Govt thru various organs, the rest by World Bank.
even Kimani ichungwa raised alarm.

'Yt2 can claim that anything happening in Kiambu is his initiative.
Kimani Ichung’wah had to tell him that WorldBank through the national government is funding the markets.
Roads. KERRA are funding Wangige Ngecha road plus many other in various sub counties.

KENHA is building the Westlands Rironi highway.

There is a bypass in through Gitaru to Ruaka although I hear someone is intimidating the contractors that work will start only if he gets to supply the ballast.

Water. Karimenu dam and others are national projects

Kiambu needs to be checked that there is not a deliberate plan to pay National projects as a way to siphon out funds.


  1. Goons are grabbing land in Kiambu. expect to hear homicide rates shoot coz Kiamburians hawapendi ujinga na mali yao.

  2. Employees’ statutory deductions some months have drunk worrra. I have a relative pale so sio mambo ya gutter press.

  3. Waititi campaigned on grounds of reducing rates and licenses. Juzi the court had to stop the rates till public participation ifanywe. A schedule of the same has been released.

  4. As we speak, Gachie residents are burning tires protesting the state of disrepair of that road you heard Waititi mention. Alidanganya sijui ‘zilipanda zikashuka bla bla bla’.
    5.Bursary politicks za kiambu ni noma. Last month some MCAs walipigwa war huko kwa ofis ya Gafana.

  5. Mistreatment of CECs. Sitasema mingi. Tafuta John Mugwe page on fb and follow.

  6. Za Sonko sitaongea mengi coz mimi ni Kiambu voter.

Bottom line: Forget those youtube fideos. They were well choreographed PR stunts.

I thought I saw some statistics here showing that the birth rate in Kenya is falling year on year however marginally… Ama niliona zangu?

One more thing, 75% of Kenya’s problems started his leadership.
The roadmap to wanton greed and ‘grabiosis’ (rip whispers) that plague this land was drawn during his watch.

It is people like you I am talking about sir. I is this mentality and outlook that continues to make us look sub-human.

Let me start with boreholes. NOT ALL OF KENYA is rocky. I have gone to hundreds of homesteads where they rely on a hand-dug borehole. Mtu mpaka anauzia neibas maji. You’ve never seen that?

You talk breathlessly about paying taxes. How many Kenyans pay direct taxes? The last I checked it was less than 5 million. The rest pay minimal indirect taxes hrough things like airtime. Most of the goods used by the poor - milk, salt, flour are zero-rated. Elimisha mimi tafadhali where these taxes are paid.

Of course anybody can see through your shit of rying to twist my words. Where have I said that people need to build their roads sir? I have talked of schools and other basic social amenities. I grew up i the 60s and 70s when the whole of central had mud-walled primary schools. Parents build the enviable infrastructure that is there now. I don’t see why other regions can’t do the same.

Or do you want the gavament to come and dig pit latrines for the residents of Migori where only about 50 per cent of the households have them?


Mzee my view has been kenya has a large youthful population. If they stop idling around for just 3 months, our fortunes as a nation would change. Each working kenyan has over 10 dependants. Imagine if they all employed their hours and energy doing something productive? Imagine 200 youth from kibera digging a dam in kajiado? Only two weeks and a whole village sees the light. 300 youth working on the drainage hapo Eastleigh, 300 youth working 10 hours daily at Kibarani dumpsite to beautify the place. 400 youth manning the traffic, and making sure cars travel in a straight line. 500 youth working in lands office, without any desire for unearned bread.
The problem with kenya is that we feed a nation which is idle.
Levin Odhiambo Opiyo, search him on Facebook, 1970’s kenyans talked good English. The shilling was strong. There was a small population, and they were not idling around.

The way people talk shit about Jomo Kenyatta… Sheesh… Learn your history… Nigga wasnt on point but to think he was misguided with tribalism and land grabbing is belittling not only him but Africanism…

I agree with you entirely. The problem is, even when you are a community leader and try to marshal that idle youth, they’ll ask for a ridiculous compensation like 1,000 per day per person. Totally beats the purpose…

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He lies in his headlines to get our attention. This poster is a father to however many children he has sired. Which ones among them would he like to get rid off ndio tupunguze uzazi?

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Nimekwambia kama ni mboro yangu unataka useme upfront siyo kuja hapa kila siku na saltiness ya kifala…shenji!

Well said. We love facts. No time for rants. Kenyans are way wiser than yesteryears. Ebu I hush my gums about hapo kwa number 1.

This thread is highly ‘intelligent’! Hajawai before post anything about the details he has have given on this thread. Hana dementia after all. :D:D

Kikiki I have told you several times that accusing women posters of ‘wanting’ you sexually just because they disagree with your viewpoint is absolute stupidity. Each time a female poster comments on your thread, you hit on her. Dude you have a huge problem. Disagree but pls quit the extreme sexual innuendos. Why do you re-cycle old material from talkers and herald it as a big announcement?
We all know that corruption is the vice eating our nation and it will never be cured with Uhuru at the helm. Never. His whole familys’ wealth is embedded on corruption. His mother is mentioned in some of the worst scandals huku and let us not mention his uncles, aunties and now his sisters and bros. Soon, his children kina Jomo and Ngina. You are telling us Nada new here. But you are free to hit the ignore button. I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuve it.

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