This is Guka - Nimecheka Sana.............

These bitches got circumcised VOLUNTARILY.

Now they have two years each behind bars to think about the folly of cutting off the glory switch. Florence Kiende, Caroline Wanja, Charity Karimi, Winfred Kawira, and Charity Muthoni.

Jinga meno-kauka mungich…

From mìru
so they were mukenya ?
why did they decide on that ?

alar! waling’oa kilgoris?

It’s Mdomo kauka, Meno brown, Macho nyanya, Miguu stove Saitani … Learn your synonyms

Ati glory switch hahaha :D:D:D:D

This doesnt make sense… is it common for the people in their region to do stuff like this? Hawa mungich ni ya side gani?

Hahahaha wasee you guys are hilarious …these comments bana :D:D:D

ruguthu removal is a crime

But it was out of their wish

Ongesa Mungikressssssss

Bro, you are the property of the state. Vile hawa madam walifanya they damaged state property now they must pay.

walikatwa aerial…wakabaki bila network…

how can this be illegal? thery are all adults… hiyo sinikama any other body modification?

that part of the body si yao peke yao…it’s for joint activities…

Hawa ni wa Embu na Meru ghasia takataka wewe

Fida should come to their rescue .

You can cut off your own arm and nobody’s gonna give a hoot. BUT DON’T TOUCH THE FERKING CLITORIS!


:D:D:D, hi serikali ya uk iko na mambo.

:smiley: I am sure Noordin will find a law you will have broken if you cut of your own arm, just as the above we need able bodied kenyans who will work for the prosperity of the nation