This is Guka - Ngai Mwathani wa Jakubu na Mumaraya Mary Magidarina!

Sori guys, I am having an episode.

I don’t know whether I heard it right, but how many kids are sitting their KCPE today?

I thought I heard 1.1 million but then I thought, naaaaaaaaaaaaaah, that’s like HALF THE POPULATION OF BOTSWANA, incidentally sub-Saharan Africa’s most developed country.

Naaaaaaaaaaah, it cant be.

Even basement-level IQ negroes cant be that stupid…


Piss off to the afterlife old man uwache kutusumbua

guka si ukamue shosh uwache kusumbua

Atî guka wamwîta atîa?

wacha watoto wafanye mtihani , masomo ni ya fure ! Gutonga na urìrì .

Now now my age mate you sir have previously admitted that you have sired two at home and one by a Msim…based on the Solomonian Theory, An=an+(t+tm+pa)÷ly (Where An = actual number, an = admited number, t = trade, tm = transportation mode, pa = prefered alcohol, and ly =lunar years ) Google it …you have most likely fathered 9kids. Given that you are still active in the sack albeit with blue pills and jiko imeweka moto prompts, you are sawing on the branch your behind rests. Shenji


While In the same topic of Botswana the HIV prevalence is 80%

Wait, wait…WHAT??

Enda ukaishi Botswana…Theru-ino

Wangu wa nne bado wako kwa magoti na lazima wakuje…Kuzaana lazima tuzaana…Kama ulikosa mbegu laumu Mola wako

guka you forgot they have problem with jungus

Damn! That formula has put a smile on a drab day for me…

Watu wanazaana kama kunguni. A population crisis is about to hit us. Add corruption, joblessness(lack of resourcefulness), group think and further fuckery…hell here we go.

@Kasighau have you been mining tetrahydrocannabinol oils again?