This is Guka - Negro Stupidity

Sori guys, but I am not letting this bone go; unsustainable population growth.

Currently on KTN they are ‘discussing’ - if you can call the shallow exchange that - youth unemployment.

I can bet both my nuts that nobody is gonna mention population growth. The clueless anchor has just asked “Why is it that despite the good GDP growth the youth still are unemployed?” Bitch please, which developing economy creates 1.5 million jobs a year?


Let me leave you with a simple fact that should set you thinking (assuming you can): 41% of Kenya’s population is under 15 years.

The shitstorm that is about to hit this country will be worse than the strongest tsunami…

at least wewe utakuwa ume die



Hehe … wakanyake respect your elders

Population growth in Africa cannot be curtailed when we still have people who say ati ‘’ sisi kwa kimila yetu hatukubaliwi kuhesabu watoto’'.

Kufa wagathee, why were you born?


Ferking hell :D:D:D

A straw man argument.

South korea has a total population of approx 48.5 million with a population density of 487 per km squared. Kenya has a total population of about 40 million, with a population density of 69 per km squared.

Can you compare the two economies?

After that How To thread,you have stopped capitalizing some statements… You have discovered BOLD!!!

Kama wewe ni tasa(hanidhi) hapana pigia sisi kelele makende yako ni empty ni kama teabag imefinywa ikakamulia ladha yote nugu.

You are stupid, period.

Answer this if you are not: What has been the rate of population growth for both countries since say 1970?

Don’t ferking beat about the bush, put the data here…

Naskia mama ingine pale Kwa M7 ametema mtoto wa 44th na yeye ni 40 years Jamani.

West will improvise and send ebola 2 and 3 to slow down the growth.

Anyone reading this post can simply google that for themselves. You’d spend your words more usefully by explaining what you are trying to prove, not trying to appear like some wizard by uttering mysterious claims

Guka ukikufa population itapungua shida zetu zipungue

Whatever few jobs out there are being taken over by the Chinese.

Xaxa gukx

Sir, I said no beating about the bush. Put the data here or stop your stupidity.