This is Guka - My Experience Here So Far...

Well, I have been pleasantly surprised by the generally high quality of posts. Most people are also civil and polite, making discussions quite fruitful.

The other thing I have noted is that virtually every post I make attracts a high number of responses, meaning that this site has high membership. Kule Misri even the best post rarely attracted 10 likes.

Keep it up guys!

Did I speak too soon?[ATTACH=full]498524[/ATTACH]

Gadhee umeanza kusumbua sasa. Youre coming off as an obnoxious entitled fella. Dont be policing our morals, we can say whatever we want whenever we want. If you dont like that, kindly get back to kijiji ya wazee. Good luck with that

I will always be an entitled, obnoxious old fart. Learn to live with it njaruoboy…


No you didn’t.
You know every market has a mad man or two.
And if they are two, they don’t see eye to eye…

@gashwin na @aviator kuja mbio

Oh yeah? I will make your stay here less painful old twat.

Hiyo ni sweep nimepata? Isorait…

Am referring to the characters in your screenshot. Not you:D
These two characters have been engaged in chokosh war since 2019…


If you add your dirty rirries and omba omba Chronicles you might exceed the kijiji likes

Nimalizie iyo ghaseer most of the people don’t understand freedom of speech here because they have their panties so much up their assess they cunt tell when they are about to shit

We said you keep your mouth shut @Electronics4u , we can keep our differences aside tukushughlikie .fuata mkataba vizuri .karibu niongeze shenzi

Wacha nikuongeze SHENZI yeye

Guka na meria matapiko wamefanya kijiji iishe ladha. warudi kwao.

Funny even the oldest malaya here @TrumanCapote and her man dildo @rexxsimba are not as bitchy…and never left this place even with their nose high don’t take bs facade

niaje Heke

umafwi thread