This is Guka - Mwilu's Cartel; Prizes for Who is Going Down

Guka, the MIT, will award prizes to any of you who will correctly guess the names of two high-profile lawyers who are expected to join the DCJ on the dock any time this week.

One is very, very prominent.

Twendeni kazi

Amos Wako Wake:D


:D:D Nice one.
2. 500k suit

Amo ako ndani…why am I even participating in this sham of a raffle…prize ni nini ju najua you’re broke judging by the amount you bought electricity tokens

Sweeeeeep, hehe
Ni yule aligonga cyclist in Karen na akahepa, yule husinda twirra


Kwanza ile ruffle you had yesterday who was the supreme court candidate who had secured a position at DCI for corruption related issues?


Kenya’s Top 20 Lawyers
[li][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]GEORGE ORARO – Senior Counsel) (SC) [/li][li]FRED NGATIA – Senior Counsel (SC ) …[/li][li]PROF GITHU MUIGAI – Senior Counsel (SC) …[/li][li]PROF. …[/li][li]AMBROSE RACHIER. …[/li][li][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]AMOS WAKO – Senior Counsel (SC) …[/li][li]KENNETH FRASER – Senior Counsel (SC) – (litigation) …[/li][li]JAMES ORENGO – Senior Counsel (SC)[/li][/ul]

“Grand Mullah”

For the record, only @spear got it na nisha-msort…

Hiding in plain sight…

Ngoja niite BCLB

This is guka…i am boring and senile, tupe majina wacha maneno mingi

Tom ojienda

@LeoK , as I promised, here is one.

Sasa guka,ukipeana pacemaker,kutakuaje?

Aki si waweke Odunga hapo please hata kama ni in pretence of mistaken identity.

Orengo is a not having an easy time.