This is Guka - @Meria Mata is a 'Gakunia'

I am posting this at about 11.30pm. I have taken 10 WhiteKaps so anything I say should not be held against me.

@Meria Mata is a crazy stupid shit. Let’s get that right - I said a crazy stupid shit (nothing personal bro).

To be fair. @Meria Mata is an icon. He towers above everybody here, including me. He is a legend. His threads are beyond anything anybody has come up with here. I mean, who could think of TBT. That one alone gives MM the most towering accolades anybody could have. I remember when MM went on a holiday and did not post any TBT - I got withdrawal symptoms. I scratched my anus until it became red - I needed TBT. I needed Meria. Fortunately he came back. In his stupid truck.

The problem with Africans, of course, is that they never know when to quit. Robert Mugabe. Muammar Gaddaffi. Yoweri Museveni. Haile Mariam. @Meria Mata.

My icon here has become a ‘gakunia’ - a pain in my ass, the same I used to scratch from withdrawal. You see, back when we were fighting for independence back in the 1950s, there were these traitors who wanted to be loved by the colonialists. They would be taken around, wearing sacks - tukunia - over their bodies so they could not be recognised by their brothers. They would point out us Mau Maus to be hanged or jailed. Kujipendekeza. Each of them was a ‘gakunia’ - the shits in sacks. MM is a ferkin gakunia.


This site is owned, at least in part, by a very immature but fairly intelligent boy called @Deorro. I also call him @Mzee mzima for good measure. Totally juvenile, as you all know. The other day he came to my inbox to threaten me, but that is a story for another day.

Now, to get ahead on this site, @MM is licking ass by not being ‘Kikuyu’. So he’s criticising Uhuruto at every turn. Even when a mosquito bites somebody or KQ reschedules a flight, UHURUTO! This way, @MM will not be a tribalist! Like Ndii and Macharia Gaitho, @MM will be celebrated as a patriot, a nationalist!! ONLY THAT 60% OF THE PEOPLE HERE ARE KIKUYUS & KALES (not important but how do you become popular with that demographic, as you want to be?)

What I cannot get, for the life of me, is how a senior citizen like @MM can become a ‘gakunia’ - mtu wa kujipendekeza to some juvenile boys by becoming a professional critic of Uhuruto. You see, if you are Kiuk or Kale, you cant be a Kenyan patriot until you criticise Uhuruto with some boys. That is the mindset of the people MM is courting. If you support Uhuruto, like I do though I criticise them occassionally, then you are a tribalist.

I just want to tell @MM; suck everybody’s balls but know this; anybody who goes against US always bites the dust. Eventually. EVERYBODY, including your BABA. Even that Telegram stupid shit of yours won’t go beyond 1,000 subscribers if you continue belittling your SENTRO brathas and sistas! Shenji wewe!

Gatiira gaka, gakunia!

Hakuna like lakini wacha nicheke tu.

Guks umelewa lakini niko nyuma yako liwe liwalo. :slight_smile:

Ngabu, nimeshoka. NIMESHOKA! I saw you being disrespected the other day nikasema sawa tu…



Tell you what gal. If he ever divorces you, I will be waiting…

If you know you know. Hata KRA haiwezi jua…K.R.A…

And by the way skiza hii babiegal. Music like this raises IQ.

It is 00:18 Hrs EAST as I read this…tanked up on three or four cups of coffee. With all that caffeine in my system,I found my self dozing…I do not know why.
So its that season again? #ferkMeria.
Am out

lala mzee. its too late for you to be awake :smiley:

Fossil, sikuwa nataka kukuambia lakini ukweli wewe HU-BORE. Uliza tu mtu ako karibu na wewe…

Feel better now?

Wacha ku-catch fossil. Wewe HU-BORE…

Sawa guka. I hear you.

Join the queue you old twat!.
I asked her First.
@Purple ,Sema " if I cheat I hate god." Nani ali- book to be your babydaddy first?
Mimi ama @FieldMarshal CouchP ?

Teren teren…
Watching from a squatting position.

Weka full details

Hii avatar yako hunikalia @captain obvious …sijui mbona. Everytime I see it inanikalia that wasted sperm that was meant to be flushed down the drain by the jerker…( sikutusi by the way :D)

:D:D:D what did I say the other day? Hii ni sambuli ya ile Kanju hudunga hawkers visu.

Mbona hamfungui another site? If sponsor’s can complain what about the rest…sijawahi elewa how this ktalk cannot be replaced