This is Guka - Kwani Kijiji Inakufa?

I’ve logged in after a long time and I find that half the posts is stuff posted by @ChifuMbitika.

Kwani the village is dying? What has been going on?

ION, who can help me trace a stolen phone? It was a gift from my dauta and I want it back…

Mbicha ya DAUTA,ama nizime life support machine yako ,guka

wachana na good hope guka

Kwani umefufuka? How’s Methuselah fairing

Yes iko Kwa resuscitation room after they sent @Makonika @gashwin na omera @deorro. Pia offlate ule taniboy wa trela @Meria Mata amejipea self imposed Siberia.

Kijiji iko chini , not dead !
a shiny eye has donated his body to JKUAT akikufa
@digi leta hii story

We’re closely watching who will die before the other…you or the kijiji


Kijiji iko saw a Mzee maiti

Sisi tunapack nguo ready for destination “

Either you have blocked everyone else or you are lying.

people always keep saying kijiji inakufa bla bla bla.
only mods and admin/owner should be concerned to a point of starting a thread.
the rest of us just log in ukitaka. greet wale utapata then ferk off.
‘muti utagutemwo dugeragirio fanga’
[SIZE=2]transleshon MYOB[/SIZE]

Another time for changes. I understand patricia has bought this site, a troll is part owner. I dislike that a lot but I didn’t announce to anyone when I came here. I don’t expect to tell anyone when I’m leaving. Lakini naona hapa kuna men skirt wearers telling everyone they are leaving. Sijui it was a relationship or something. Haya waende wajiongeleshe huko, mtarudi tu hapa if you ever leave in the first place. Mwende mjiongeleshe huko then mrudi with new handles. Kama wale wengine. Even you Guka announced your departure several times. You are still here. Umama ndio imejaa hapa kwanza hiyo kamati ya roho mbaya.

Where have you been Gukz?

A troll and menopausal bish are part owners. Go figure

Serrre! Unamaanisha niko na umama?

Health issues…

Pole. May you be healed in Jesus name

Yes, lakini with your age its just hormonal imbalances. Siku moja soon tutakuwa fossils pia, lakini thanks to your experience I know the not to do list. Let’s talk next week.

I donbiliv in any Roman wild oat…