This is Guka - Kumbe This is What Happened?

There’s this apparently deranged activist called Gladwell Otieno, the daughter of Mbugua’s wife Wambui Otieno.

A real ogre with mental issues just like her fellow activists Mue, Ndii, Boniface, and that lanye-loving alcoholic lawyer Ndubi who loved patronising Simmers.

She used to be everywhere during the days of Yash Pal Ghai. I would switch off the telly every time she came on, I hated her demented rantings that much.

Anyway, around 2009, her then 20- year old son, Silvano Otieno, allegedly raped an under-age girl from Kibra (I think), the daughter of a mama fua, at their Karen home.

Some later said that using her legal circles, Gladwell managed to kill/delay the case against the boy.

I always wondered what happened after the initial media reports.

Kumbe Silvano subsequently died in a road accident usiku wa manane na huko Kilimani together with his two friends? At 1am, so your guess is as good as mine where they were going.

He was just 22, and Gladwells’s only son. A huge loss to his mother.

Kind of explains why his mother took a low profile…losing an only child can hurt.

defamation suit in 6…5…4…

Everything written above is in the public domain…

Why should we care??

NGO’s are major asshole magnets especially wanawake, hadi accent wanabadilisha, nikama majini ya uncle tom huingia bonobo akiguza pesa ya msungu

Mnatishika bure

Your storied hatred for Jaruo makes one take your ramblings and speculations on a Sunday morning with a pinch of salt.

Please take time to sober up from the Saturday muratina.

When you write those endless meaningless idiotic bitter ramblings about women who got away and left you bitter as fuck why exactly should we care??

Patco alisema NGO bitches actively encourages their children to be gay because its seem as a status among their circles.

Incel hufai kuongea mambo ya wanawake tena. Stick to wanking to Captain Frisk’s channel.

I also hated gladwell. Walidhulumu their mothers’ lover, Mr Mbugua. Evil gladwell.


It’s dormant nowadays. Initially he had about 100k subscribers but the channel was shut down. He later opened another one but it has never quite picked, not with the stiff competition from Nairobi Youth Leaks.

I’ve given special interest to those forums because I have a business idea one can capitalize on. It however carries legal risk. One of these days – when I’m free – I’ll work on it.

One can make millions, provided they’re tech savvy enough.

Kagege, you hatred for the luo people has become too much. A drunk man driving a land cruiser got into the wrong side of the road and crashed head on into a VW Golf carrying Gladwell’s son plus 3 other youngstars and killed 3 of them on the spot. And this is the only trash you can write. Mundu kai urakiga ugikura? Kana ni kuguruka? Why are you seeing luo nightmares every day? You even hate your sister Wambui Otieno and all of her offspring because she married a Luo? Jaruo kai ciaguikire atia?


Piga haga yako sandpaper utoe stretch marks.

Saw the boy was killed by another bunch of spoilt brats driving on the wrong side !
As for most of this NGOs they are the trojan horses used to bring in all sorts sick western shit , basically to get funding from ,Bill melinda, and other Soros types your budget must have a provision for elijibitikiu and such nonsense for higher chance of approval .

That night they were very drunk coming from a party. Gladwell has another son called Waiyaki. Photocopy ya Silvano but much shorter. Anaishi ujerumani. Never knew about the rape case though!

I remember this bitch calling a press conference to reject a cheque from the government because she couldn’t accept money from a “corrupt institution” and instead donated it to Starehe Girls. Mama Lucy Kibaki, who was the school’s patron, swiftly called her own press conference to announce the school wouldn’t accept the money. The first lady’s reasoning was quite logical: If Gladwell didn’t want tainted money, why did she think it was good enough for her girls? What example was she setting by teaching the girls that it was okay to accept proceeds of corruption?

Stop the hate and propaganda.

[I]A businessman who killed three people in a grisly road accident along James Gichuru road on April 15, 2012, was yesterday convicted for causing their deaths by dangerous driving.
Mr David Gichuki (right) was convicted of three counts of causing death by dangerous driving after 11 years of trial at the Kibera law courts and is awaiting sentencing.
Mr Gichuki who was driving his car, a Toyota Land Cruiser, on the wrong side of the road at around 1 am killed activist Gladwell Otieno’s son, Silvano Mandla Otieno, and two others after a head-on collision.

While testifying in court, Mr Samuel Barasa, a security guard who was among the people who witnessed the accident, told the court that he saw a Toyota Land Cruiser VX speeding towards Muthangari/Westlands direction.
“The Land Cruiser was being driven well inside the left lane of the oncoming blue Volkswagen Golf and the driver of the said car was veering to his extreme left in what I thought was a desperate attempt to avoid the oncoming Land Cruiser,” he said.
The guard told the court that there was a lot of debris at the accident scene.
The guard said he saw Otieno dying at the scene, noting that the two others died instantly.[/I]

sana. The nature of my job puts me in contact with such people often. Juzi Friday an old woman walked into our offices. She had lost three kids in a grisly road accident.

She told me she had gone mad after the incident, and she had just recovered her lucidity. She was on the verge of sobbing.

According to her, all the three kids had children of their own, who’re now under her care. Her kids were all men.

Kuna mwingine anaitwa Ann Njogu. Together with her crotch goblin, they beat up her dad.