This is Guka - Kumanika Zenu!

Huu ujinga wa ageism lazima ukome.

I mean, nani aliwambia just because you are between 18-35 you have the title deed to Kenya? Kabla hujazaliwa unafikiria hakukuwa Kenya nugu hii? ILIKUWA, tena nzuri sana! Na hata ukikufa kesho Kenya itaendelea.

Nyinyi ma-youths (sic!) I think you have taken this shit of ‘we are the future’ too far. You think you own this country and the rest of us, 40-100 year olds, are tenants. Ferk you! This is our country too. In any case, if its finders keeps, we were here first. Mlitukuta hapa.

It doesn’t help of course that the majority of you are the products of singo mathas. Malayas by another name. No wonder you think Kenya should ‘pay’ you – you were brought up in environments where even sex was paid for. No wonder you don’t find anything wrong with sleeping with diseased whores along River Road and then going into social media eti ‘nilikula hii weekendi’. It reminds you of your mathas, right, being ferked by watu wa mijengo right next to you?

The gals? Eti the swag now is to take pictures showing us your buttocks. No wonder other races think the African is stupid. People are sending probes to Mars and the dark side of the moon, scientists who are just 27, and you are showing us what is essentially a lump of meat? How silly and stupid can you be? I mean, a real woman is more than that right? There’s hygiene, intelligence, loyalty, honesty, fidelity…………………but if you are a stupid brainless negro with a large gluteus maximus, its all about the ‘ass’. Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Na kama haujaosha kuma, aaaaaaaaaaaaargggggggggggggh!

My generation? We are not perfect. But generally, we hustle and work hard. Yes, the gavament is corrupt and Uhuru is a letdown. BUT we – the oldies – don’t spend the whole day whining. You don’t hear us bragging about ferking one dollar (Sh100) hoes. We dust ourselves up and do the business of living. We milk the cows and prune the coffee. We take care of the chickens and the shamba.

You? You pick a fake gun and try to steal. WRONG MOVE NIGGA, AM GUKA but I have a real working gun! And the cop does too. Kaboom, there goes the ferking future, who cares? Just ask Hessy.

And if you are a gal, like the one am ferking now, you’ll take my sperms and get my baby and if you give me shit I’ll ferk you up so bad your mama will bribe me with her pussy too! All coz you don’t want to work or struggle. You want a big Samsung to Facebook your virtual friends. Bitch you are gonna pay with your pussy. I’ll rip it apart and give you a bastard who I won’t even bother with. I worked for that money, that’s your struggle hoe!

I pity you idiots. Truth be said, most of us oldies are dollar millionaires not coz we stole but coz we worked hard and took our time. Land we bought for 150K now is going for 5M – we didn’t drink that 150K, get it? Even now we don’t drive huge cars or live large. My worst indulgence personally is a WhiteKAP, and a Kamba girl. I take a matatu kila siku and feel nothing, kwani?

You? In between whining how Uhuru is ferking up the country you want to drink Champagne or some stupid shit you can barely afford. Eti sijui pizza na cappuccino? Niggas please, what happened to good old boiro na kachumbari? I don’t even understand how you say you went to school, leave alone Uni. I mean, who is educated and thinks that they can make money from betting? I know you’ve never gone out of the country ( I have many, many times) but do you know you buy chips at those fake places in Westlands you go to at the same prices as in New York? COZ YOU ARE A FERKING SUCKER?

To go back to the issue. Go ferk you mama. And your grandma too while you are it. We older folks ain’t going anywhere and we ain’t giving ferking excuses.

This country doesn’t owe you or anybody shit. And don’t think that just because my folks left me with tonnes of land in Ndeiya I owe you crap – where was your dad? Ferking diseased whores perhaps? GO FERK YOURSELF SHITHEAD!

It’s my country too. And Aworis. And Muthaura’s. And whichever old guy is alive.


mzee utakula pension miaka ngapi? si unajua life expectancy imepungua Africa?

Unaandikaje article YAKO WEWE MWENYEWE halafu unaweka sick?

But you are right
You wezees dust yourselves up and do the business of living. Milk the cows and prune the coffee. Take care of the chickens and the shamba.


Muzee umelewa or you just 1 assholish dirty mouthed old ferker?

Blah blah blah

@pamba summary please.

nani amekunyima coomer?

Nimegonga mapointi bwana hata kama nimelewo…

Youth are product of single mathas, but then again those single Mathas were fakt by sponsors and gukas.
Conclusion: Gukas need to die so we can fak our future single mathas and blame their future youth.

Tell them Ngabu. Ferking retards…we don’t owe shit to anyone.

sielewi the #Ferkadmins, such an abusive rant is allowed in this forum???

@aviator uriludi lini mama shaitani

apart from the land your father left at ndeiya wat have you done with your life? your generation mliachiwa mashamba na wazazi, but you squandered everything, the current youths have nobody to give them land. we hustle for whatever we have from nothing.

Have you studied ‘communication ethics’? Guess not…

Clue: ’ slander is rarely communal’.

Ni bed sores zinakusumbua ?

For a grown ass old man you are a fuckin piece of shit.

first things first your hate for that age is hypocritically a mega bullshit given the fact that you crossed that age and i don know, you are the saint now? .

Firwa mkundu old mzee , you here whining to people who couldnt care less about whatever it is you do these days . Sure you dress is up with your fancy threats and damn ass curses to try and drive your stupid point home.
You are just a bitter old man wasting up on limited oxygen, die already or walk with a plant around you to counter check such looses you bring up.

old nigga cant even afford a shaped up old men’s language.
Pathetic grey head , Square up.


Uvoo waku Mutheu? Nakumiss mbaya mbovu…mbloo njob yako iko lefo ingine…

Unasema nini exactly? Stringing many words along siyo ku-communicate…