This is Guka - Is This Normal Human Behaviour?

So some parents of students at Otok Mixed Secondary School stormed the institution wanting to eject the principal.

According to the DN, this is what happened next.

Some students are said to have joined the fight when they witnessed their teacher being attacked. They responded by throwing stones at the parents.

The school turned chaotic as students hurled stones at their parents while the parents responded by doing the same. The parents, however, were overpowered and chased away by the students.

So there was a stone-throwing contest between the students and some of their parents.

@Jimit , @magreb and other dim-eyed orangutans, is this normal human behaviour? Mimi naona nikama some of us bado tuko level ya zinjanthropus…

Responses fupi fupi pris…

Wachana na @Jimit uliza iyo nongwe ingine…ikipata place ya kuwekelea wares za hawking itajibu

Unajua PCEA Murengeti and what used to happen there in the 2000s?

Hired goons ndio unaita wazazi?

Stop whataboutery. Nimekuuliza swali specific. Students. Parents. Stone throwing.

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Nice to see you laughing. Mlisikizana na Mzee lakini?

Ukinyonya itaamka babie…

It is not. They learnt from kikuyus that is why nilikuuliza story za PCEA Murengeti. Huko hata wazee wakongwe walikuwa wanawekelewa nyahunyo na watoi wao.

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