This is Guka - insert corny statement here

@FieldMarshal CouchP look at what you have been reduced to.

You had the opportunity to become a Big shot. A Billionaire. A DYNASTY.

Your name would be as revered as Kenyatta’s and Kimathi’s.

" His excellency @FieldMarshal CouchP acquires Kenya Airways "

" Veteran politician @FieldMarshal CouchP donates Kshs 300 Million to the LGBT community "

Such could’ve been the headlines gracing media. But you decided to waste your youth imbibing [SIZE=7]MURATINA[/SIZE].

Now, you spend your waking hours in dingy Kenyan forums entertaining bonobos like @cortedivoire.

" THIS IS GUKA " is your catchphrase of choice, followed by tribal tirades and incoherent ramblings.

What a shame. What a loser.

This is gUkA…a statement commonly used by micro-penised folks.

That’s Guka and he’s retarded from dementia.

@patco inasumbua humbwer hii

You must have suck in your gums before saying Thith with guka as you scratch your flappy circumcised micro dikc that can’t rise to no occasion thanks to diabetes, hbo and dementia

:D:D:Dmumeamua hamtambui huruma ata kama estate

Patieni guka heshima zake