This is Guka - I Kinda Love This

This is not a human reading your evening news but a robot. employed by the Chinese news agency Xinhua.



na vile nilikuwa nimefurahi nikifikiria ulifungwa juu ya kutolipa deni ya tala

On a totally unrelated subject, Junior has tried to get a list of good body shops to do some medium repairs on one of our cars, a Wingroad, in which I hit a donkey along the Mutarakwa-Thogoto Road.

Except for @Hunter Xp , none of you have responded positively which is a screaming shame. Kindly assist if you can.

PS: The car is comprehensively insured. It is running and but the bodywork is damaged.

I hit a donkey sir. I bet ishakuliwa mitura huko kwenu Donyo. Kuja hapa KNH Private 10th floor na uji coomernina hii niko private room…

Ta imajini!

what a loss, the donkey could have given this country years of hard work, it lost it’s life to the likes of you who don’t contribute anything to this country

So gukus you literally know the meaning of “asante ya punda ni mateke”… In your case ni kugongwa bonnet.

Pole guka… such are what define life.
ION, @Matako ya Punda alituma rambirambi?

So Guka uko indisposed and held as a patient at KNH?

Check up tu…natoka.

Honestly guka, the only thing you should be riding /driving at your age is your mjuols.

Nb you dont need a driving license

No one is disturbed with the fake anchor reading the news. Guess a future locked in a cyber space utopia is fast approaching…

Guka, peleka gari pale Indaa, Busia rd. That’s where the insurance co take their clients smashed vehicles

Field Marshall hauchokangi kukua irrelevant

Kijana ya nyumbani