This is Guka - Heartfelt Appeal

As a dyed-in-the-wool Jubilee supporter, I often have to call out Uhuru’s shenanigans. As @Ice_Cube can attest through my past contributions, I am one of the very, very few supporters of the prince who has pointed out the folly of some of his policies, including wanton borrowing and ‘free’ programmes for everything ranging from education to health. Nothing in this world is free.

Given the foregoing, I fully understand the frustration of many Kenyans in the face of what seems an intractable slide of the country’s economic outlook. Inequality is increasing as a small elite loots the country’s silver, and taxes are raised to fund their obscene lifestyles.

Despite all this, I am increasingly getting concerned by the daily negativity of many of us. Every day you find countless threads and contributions here about how we are doomed, how Uhuru is the most corrupt president Kenya’s ever had, how Ethiopia and Tanzania are over-taking East Africa’s powerhouse, how the fight against corruption is PR etc etc etc ad nauseum. This whining is both escapist and myopic.

Kenya’s problems, as I have pointed countless times go much, much deeper than corruption and Uhuru. They go to the way our economy and politics are structured, including over-representation by layers upon layers of both elected and non-elected representatives; our import/export policies; our population growth rate; macro-and micro-economic policies such as education and health freebies (totally stupid in an economy where more than half of the population are dependants); a generally economically unproductive population (Kenyans need to travel to forever disabuse the fallacy that they are hard workers) etc etc etc.

Blaming His Taxellency Ushuru KeChinaTTA for all our problems in daily endless whines like little menstrual bishes is self-defeating. It does not address why we have nearly 500 MPS and senators while India, with a population 30 times bigger, has just 750. It does not address why Holland makes more from our flowers than we do, or why we still export unprocessed coffee 55 years after independence. It does not explain why the Judiciary has never ever jailed one big fish despite having at least 600 high-profile cases on its desks.

It is all well to feel frustrated and angry about the president. But he’s just one person, not superman or God. His day has 24 hours just like yours.

But it is also important that we face reality; we are part of he problem. Only by doing so can we hope to find sustainable solutions to the problems that face us. Like demonstrating for killers like Obado and thieves like Mwilu; can we blame the leadership for that?

Off the top of my head, instead of our endless whining we should ALL fight corruption with a zeal that has never been seen before; do away with half of all elected posts; and scrap all freebies.

This involves more than Mr KeChinaTTA. It involves you and me.

Uhuru ni meffi bana.all he needed to do was have smart thinkers in statehouse but tunaelewa mtoto ya nyoka ni nyoka.his father raped kenya and so is he.

What is the difference between those who are whining and those who are whining about the whining ?

Watu walipe tax, how do you call yourself hardworking when more than two thirds of the working population goes to sleep at 8. And in a city the size of Nairobi you are harassed by patrol officers for being in the CBD at midnight.

Most Kenyans don’t know what hard work is. If we worked at the rate Japanese workers have, we would easily have repaid all our debts and doubled our tax monies.

Tell them brother

I get what you are saying and after introspection, many Kenyans will identify with this especially the bit of taking action…but there doesn’t seem to be a collective way of doing it and getting the desired results. South Koreans did it against their corrupt president who’s now facing jail term as did Brazilians (ps-both leaders were women).
A revolution almost always needs a leader and appropriate calls of action; whether peaceful or otherwise.

huyu mwandishi ( the guokaa) ametumia , mbinu ya kunaya kakika fasihi,

Most Kenyans are either thieves, lazy bones, slayqueens/kings or foolish politicians. Our education system is in shambles, our healthcare is a joke, the only thing we do is wait for the weekend to imbibe expensive liquor and set standards on IG

I always find you to be a very stupid shitfly. Kufuatafuata mtu kama mimi ni kuma ya…Very imbecilic nugu with self-esteem issues.

Wasema nini kaka? Jumatatu umelewa nini?

ulivuna loquats? ama watoto walikuonyesha vumbi.

Nimehamia shags siku hizi. Kuja upate gunia ya mahindi usage unga…

Who do you want us to blame then if not your drunk friend? Once you want to vie for that seat, its not about glamour that comes with it, but more of solving country’s problems either were they caused by colonists , our “population growth” or hitler.
If the president surrounds himself with like minded individuals( guys driven by country’s interests first) then better policies are made, better working structures and institutions are laid out, economy makes sense. A good example is Kibaki’s first regime.

What kenyans should change is method of voting, voting known individuals and mtu wetu bullshit rather than ideas. Its hard to kick out a corrupt regime when all we change is just a head but not the body. Ata mosquitoes zikitupatia malaria tukipona next thing is to keep them away.

In short, am calling for ANY firing squad to eliminate everyone in senior position. Then, lets start afresh.

I agree with most of what I am writing. However, I am begging for you to try and understand what I am saying. I know you to be a reasonable man, and surely you know Uhuru is the first president to rule under the new Katiba. A katiba which took the number of MPs from 210 to about 450, established dozens of commissions, county gavaments, the Supreme Court etc etc etc.

Surely, sir, all this has an effect on our budget?

Kenyans don’t work smart. You will see an engineer running matatus and a doctor rearing chicken yet the Country spent millions of KES educating them to think, research and do all that appertains to their calling and make their skill applicable to our situation

Off the top of my head, if the police were given better pay then the kawaida mwananchi like me will have to be prosecuted when in the wrong,yes?

Haya the police do their job,nafunguliwa mashtaka then the judge ( who is very well paid in my opinion) whispers that 200M is a good price for my freedom.

So tell me daddy…what exactly is wrong with us? When did we become such a greedy nation? And its only going to get worse because all the millenials want to be multimillionaires before they reach the age of thirty and terms like ‘golden handshake’ or ‘retirement benefits’ are alien to them.

And you’d expect the most educated of us to be more risk taking, lakini kuuza shamba na kufuga kuku ndio kila mtu anafanya.

Guka note that what you wrote is the status as observed. To get a solution to this we need to suffer extremely in order to learn a lesson. It’s only after the dark strikes will the purpose of light be realised.

in the middle of that chaotic world where do you get the money to drink the expensive liquor?

Guka hili ni swali ama ni statement?