This is Guka - Have You Ever Heard About This Legend? Guy Went Down in Ferkin Blazing Glory.........

That there is my hero…i will do the same to SASRA soon.

Very true, small towns ni moto wa kuotea mbali, the mayors, police and judges control everything, can be very corrupt, and it’s extremely difficult to remove them from office.
A good example is Vernon a small city in California
Let's Explore The Corrupt Town That Inspired True Detective

Sir, let me not reply because here you just sound as naive as a kindergarten kid…

Sometimes I know what I am talking about sir. Google something called the Circuit Court of the States. They rotate around and are not from your immediate district. Yeah the old boys will initially score you. But they can’t beat the Appeals process. In fact there are other processes the man could have followed outside the court process and won.
But also just so you know, the old man couldn’t beat the city anyway. Familiarize yourself with something called eminent domain.

Leo you are tired. I give you a pass.

Haunanga akili. :D:D

Toa hio avatar uweke TeleTubbies…

That stare is uncanny :smiley: