This is Guka - Guys, We Have a Crisis..................

That crisis is alcohol.

Over the last month I have been travelling around, stopping in two-penny markets to interact with locals. Already I have done the NRB-Rongai-Isinya-Athi River circuit, the NRB-Thika-Kiamwangi-Kamae-Flyover one, as well as my usual jaunts to Ndeiya, Lussiggetti, Thigi, Gikambura.

Everywhere I am finding young men dead drunk during the day. Apparently the Mututho Laws are being bent, and people are able to buy alcohol 24/7. THe alcohol is mostly cheap spirits in 250ml bottles that cost Sh120-160, and which the young men are buying as a team (three guys can changaa to buy one bottle which they share, and they do this the whole day).

I don’t know whether this is the situation elsewhere, but hapa Kiambu there’s an entire generation that is dying off. I am at a loss on what can be done.

Do you hae the same problem in your area, and how are you handling it?

Big problem. But at least heri mlevi kuliko mwizi

Can we literally call this " the last walk of life" ?

The reason why Mututho came up with the laws it’s because he lost his brother in a drinking spree. He should have accepted and moved on. In Kenya we export tea leaves more than any other country in Sub-Saharan Africa, but we love “kamnyweso” more. Mututho should relax on his rules.

on Thursday I went for lunch pale Gachwiri butchery at uthiru round about nikapata 3 young ladies blacked out at 2pm…beside them were bottles of cheap liqueur.

Hii story imeishaje kama tissue paper?

The issue is replicated everywhere, elsewhere it’s Changaa made from maize, atleast, hii Changaa people can still work in the farm after drinking, Hiyo tunusu(second gen alcohol that can be sold in quarter and half a 250ml bottle) is bad news. The youth quest for self destruction is something that needs attention.

One thing that I know, you cannot place rules to govern how people consume a legal product. The only answer for this is to ban alcohol altogether like other drugs e.g if weed was legal, there would be more weed consumers than there currently are. Hizi rules za Mututho are simply BS. Alcoholism is a national problem, not just Kiambu. It is a bigger problem in Kiambu and Nairobi because people have more disposable income. Jamaa ataosha gari moja pekee pale carwash aende akakunywe hiyo 200 umemlipa. Ocha that 200 ni job ya kulima siku mzima. Naturally mlevi wa town atakunywa more juu town kuna more money. If G.O.K is really serious about fighting alcohol addiction, the only solution is to ban it entirely. Otherwise, nullify Mututho laws and let people quit on their own volition.

fellow octogenarian, it all starts with the leader on top. Is he a sober man like Moi? if he is not then expect followers to follow the same suit

:D:D:D funny but true there is more disposable income and more money into the local economies around kiambu - I think the young people are more idle thus the quest for some sort of high to keep them occupied, hakuna productive or rather progressive work.

The USA tried unsuccessfully to “ban” alcohol. This is akin to legislating morality. Although in the short run it will bear fruits, in the long run normalcy will resume.

Maheni it was his brother.

Situation is dire…sahizi local kiambu imejaa…no difference with a weekend…kuna a bar owner who confided to me that at times she sells ten crates of Santa king and diamond(kadaya) in a day.coz hata nusu wanapima.

The drinking culture is the main problem we have here. Even if someone us convinced to stop drinking and helped to recover through rehab and therapy, triggers are EVERYWHERE! How many of you can honestly say that you can hang out with your friends and family without involving alcohol?

During rehab and counselling, one of the main things one is encouraged is to avoid hanging out with people who present temptation by indulging in your addiction while you’re around.

Asking this of the average Kenyan is asking them to cut off their entire social and even familial circle.

That is why Nilotic men like us will take over your households.

and the issue is just getting started,with trendy drinks like codeine that can be prepared in the house ,campus kids will be much more worse


Illicit brew is sold openly 24/7, the irony

Hiyo changaa ya mahindi describes our home mashinani. Kazi ya shamba never ends its just the type of work done at various stages of the season. So vijana will do those jobs during the day, eat one heavy meal then drink that changaa before they sleep. That vicious cycles continues everyday. They will never prosper.

Uriwamarisia? Osha mtu beba kama take away