This is Guka - Final Word on the Killer Bus Accident

My own guka once explained to me why the laws against chicken and maize thieves are so punitive compared say to the laws against white collar criminals; the colonialist mzungu had come to the conclusion that the average negro was a petty, conniving and stealing idiot who could stall a business by cutting corners unless he was policed very, very stringently.

I wonder what has changed.

Today, the majority of us continue cutting corners - kujifanya wajuaji - and when the shit hits the ‘fun’, we all act outraged and confused. And in typical nigga fashion, we join together to blame a scapegoat.

You see this ujuaji every day. Niggas who build atop an oil pipeline, or loot an overturned petrol truck. Niggas who would rather dash across a busy highway instead of using the footbridge. Niggas who put up skyscrapers with just sand and ballast and act all surprised when the whole thing comes tumbling down.

Take the bus accident this morning.

Everybody knows that the gavament banned night travel two years ago, BUT the majority don’t want to adhere to the ban. They want to save a day and travel at night.

Five years ago the gavament tried to establish rules and guidelines for the building of PSV bodies. It was taken to court by the same niggas who are crying now and the move was temporarily halted.

Adult Africans - people you expect to know better - continue to board over-loaded and decrepit contraptions in total disregard for their own safety. When these contraptions are driven at the recommended 80KM/Hr, the same passengers complain that the driver is slow. So you have a poorly-built bus travelling at 120km/hr and nobody complains.

That is, until an accident happens.

Then Uhuru is blamed. And Ruto. And the police. And NTSA. And the roads minister, Macharia.

Why do a majority of Kenyans behave like little children who should be taken care of like toddlers? Should the police line up on the highways every 10 metres to curb speeding and over-loading? Or line up the entire route of the oil pipeline? What do you do when an entire people’s goal seems to beat the system, from morning to evening, even in simple things like bus body construction or even housing?

True, there are gavament departments and agencies that are mandated to enforce the law and other regulations. But in a situation where 90 per cent of the people they are supposed to be acting for are hell-bent to break the same regulations what do you do? What can an agency like NTSA, with less than 300 officers, do in a country of 48 million? What can the traffic police department, with about 3,000 officers, do when 98% of the motorists want to speed, drive on pavements, refuse to pay their insurance etc etc?

This is what the mzungu knew decades ago; that a majority of us are basically lawless neatherdals who steal even from ourselves. Even when our own lives are in danger, we want to cut corners. We want to scoop that spilt oil, or build that bus without a roll cage. We are like little children who want to play with fire and razors, but cry to the high heavens when we hurt ourselves.

And of course find a scapegoat for our own stupidity.

hapo umeongea

Well said Guka, this is very sad.

My question is this how did the vehicle pass inspection? How were they allowed to drive with an expired license for two months? The rot starts with the government, period.

In less than one month Kenyans will have moved on until the next tragedy strikes. We never learn.

And when all these things are happening where is the government that we pay taxes to to make sure these things don’t happen and law breakers get prosecuted and jailed? Answer that question first.
You preach personal responsibility while absolving the government all blame or placing very little blame on government and that’s why nobody agrees with you. Uhuru is taxing us to death with the lie that he will improve services. What he seems to be improving is the scale of the corruption scandals. They’re getting bigger and bigger.
I can’t be expected to pay taxes and at the same time be knowledgeable about which cars shouldn’t be in the road because they failed inspections.

Baba, much as I respect you, umenoa kidogo. This accidents are happening with predictable frequency because of systemic failures on the part of the govt. Trying yo exonerate the govt and its agencies is escapist. It could be you next time.
Let me try to break it down for you. We have a president who is mediocre. He appoints mediocre people to head the govt agencies responsible for road safety. The mediocre heads put up Secretariats that thrives on mediocrity. That is why we have police officers who ask for petrol from crime victims before they respond. That is why we have the NTSA issuing permits to every Tom, dick and Harry to operate public transport vehicles. If you doubt me, panda matatu za ngumo uletee observations.
Mimechoka kutype but blaming the victim here is escapist. That vehicle must have passed inspection and roadblocks on its way to doom. Do we blame the passengers for the lack of due diligence on the part of the NTSA and police?

Listening to survivors in their hospital beds…the bus was overloaded…the driver was very reckless…our cries fell on deaf years…why didn’t they all unite the 50+ people and stand up to the driver and his 4 goons? Why didn’t any one of them report to police at any of the roadblocks along the way…yes the government is to blame…but had the passengers taken matters in their own hands…they would not have perished…we can blame everybody but the fact remains that the guys are dead and nothing can change that

Do you know why kuna corruption in kenya?Just imagine this ule mtu wa inspection amepewa kitu gari inapitishwa, Karau na yeye ndiye huyo amespot hiyo gari na akaistop na kuitisha Dl amepewa kitu? Unajua vile kenya mambo ni kuongea unajitoa apo na tuthao kadhaa kwisha… Ukirudi stage unataka kujaza gari mbio ili upatie boss ile pesa anadai na ile unataka kupata unataka mingi. What happens you may sleep when driving and make mistakes juu ya hujapata enough sleep

Have you seen how your fellow old timer killed people? Nyinyi wazae mnasumbua.

why can’t police look and see? How hard is it to take a peep inside the bus and see people parked like sacks of potatoes?
The truth is they didn’t care. All they wanted was their 200 shilling bribe.

Kwani wewe ni mgeni kenya? If you don’t take care of yourself, no-one will do it for you…

Thanks for your polite reply. Let me try to explain my viewpoint.

In ‘civilised’ societies, the police are not a ‘force’ but a ‘service’. These also goes for bodies like the NTSA - their main mission is oversight. What this means is that citizens generally observe the law, but the FEW that don’t are prosecuted.

The problem with our situation is that a MAJORITY of us don’t observe the law, and then we turn around and blame the police/NTSA for not enforcing the same. As I have said, the NTSA will all of 300 officers and even the traffic department with 3,000 officers CANNOT enforce the law when almost all 5 million motorists are hell-bent on breaking the same law.

Let me end with an illustration. It’s the gavament’s role to provide security, right. But you still lock your front door, your gate and your car. You can’t leave these open and then blame the gavament if a theft occurs.

Similarly, you can’t enter a bus which is being driven erratically and then blame NTSA when it crashes.

Guka that old mzee nigga driver was your agemate…NTSA considering a ban on old drivers… Guka rudisha driving licence yako asap.

I am not a PSV driver…

Yes but here this guy is trying to defend the government’s incompetence. Tax money is paid under the presumption that the government will provide services. The government will enforce the law and not collect bribes. Even you admit that the government is not doing its job. So Kenyans are not wrong in hammering the government

The person behind the wheel was 72yrs old!!! How this person was allowed to drive a psv is beyond me.

Hapa umesema ukweli muthee

boss enda any stage apart from Nairobi town service most drivers are retirees, nakuru-bahati, nakuru-mangu or just go to thika etc.

Here he is.
Guka should just shut up, his agemate had no business being behind the wheel ferrying passengers.