This is Guka - Feel Good Thread, Ferk the Whining!

Ukiskiza Mkenya wa kawaida, unaweza fikiria Kenya is a hell-hole. Hata Mary Magdalene, er, er, er sori, @Meria Mata has joined the bandwagon of bashing the country and its gavament to appear cool (sori, ngabu) to the unwashed breeding-like-rats masses.

So I went to Gugu to see how Kenya compares with that old favourite of some ODreamers, the ones we vanguished and decimated the other day (sori guys, I forgot there was the handshake).

I compared the militaries of Tz and Ke.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Na ukiona ujeuri wa Magu-fool unaweza fikiria ni ndume, wapi.

Our boys can have coffee tomorrow in the morning in Dar if the order is given.

Just see this: our airforce has 155 aircraft against their 35. They have 10 old Chinese fighters against our 25. They don’t have helicopter gunships, even the light ones (we have over 70). They don’t have transports for paras.

Except for two old Chinese gunboats dating to the 1960s, they don’t have a navy at all - You can take Dar using just four ships, Jasiri, Harambee II, Shupavu and Shujaa.

As for their army, the less said the better. They don’t even have a SF command. For armour they have T-54s dating to the 1950s.

So what am I saying? We are not the toughest in the world. We are not the best. We are not the loudest.

But just because we are quiet doesn’t mean we are weak.

Kenya is way, way ahead of anybody around. Our GDP is the same as that of Tanzania, Uganda and Burundi COMBINED!

Be proud of what your are and worker harder to make your country better.

And once again, godspeed to all our men and women who serve!

Aren’t you the number one whiner?

Mzee mkubwa kama wewe uko na mywele ya makwapa za white but huwezi post kitu ya maana kila time ni this is guka blah blah…Ghasia

@captain obvious kuja na doom

Be proud of your “Real Low” standards yourself, dude. Leave me out of it! :smiley:

Try and keep up old man.
We argued this out eons ago in two mega threads

Ati unasema nini

Sad old man, don’t you have grandkids to narrate your
‘this is guka’ bullshit ?

Thank you Ngabu. I agree our country would certainly do better but it sure isn’t a shithole.

Hehehehe. Umeamua kutroll, isokei.

Panua sehem @uwesmake akukujie na siagi hapo kwa bedsitter akutengeneze HKM. Shenj

Trolling how? I am just fed up with the endless whining. A Martian reading this site would mistake us for Somalia…

Nimekupea like juu ya Meria Magdalena :D:D:D gets me everytime.

WaTizedi watasema their military power is a “national secret”

But if you look at it critically you will realise Tanzanians dont need to arm themselves like us…unlike us they have no hostile neighbours or on going border disputes. And i guess they dont host foreign militaries within their borders…so no strategic alliances with military super powers…our military budget has been increasing at a higher rate than them and for a good reason.

And we agreed we shouldn’t be comparing ourselves with Tanzania anyway…

Now here’s is a well-argued response. Insightful. And for the record, I agree totally with the last sentence.

But you know they like measuring their tiny dick against ours…

They had a border dispute with Malawi near the lake I think. And they are not the best of buddies with Rwanda anyway.

kijana ya oparanya niaje

True, but at what cost of living comparatively? Problem with being the strongest economy in the block comes with it’s fair share of high living costs. Transport, food, housing and leisure is way cheaper across the border in say, magafuliland.