This is Guka - Even Those in 'Utopia' Also Cry...........

Nimeona the usual suspects saying how Kenya Wildlife Service is useless because it could not save the poor family that was swept away by flash-floods at Hell’s Gate. I will not defend KWS, although they are my clients.

But I would like to ask the usual suspects, why did the US Coast Guard allow nearly 30 people to roast on a boat off the Californian coast?

Oh, and I have just received the wonderful news that a 14-year old - A FERKING 14-YEAR OLD - in that god-blessed country, where at least 40,000 people die in gun-crime each year and another 50,000 from opiod addiction, just gunned his entire family of 5 to death.

Quite some heaven, eeeeeeeeeeeeh?

Fact is, Kenya is a very, very good place to live.

Bado wana lala ngoja saa tisa asubuhi watakujibu.

The many flash flood footage I have watched have 2 things in common…one, they are unforeseen (not unpredictable) and two, they are fast and furious. They come carrying all manner of debris from upstream… so… you are not just contending with swift flowing water… but with fast moving debris of all manner. If that torrent of crap catches you between banks… nothing under the sun can save your sorry behind… Nothing.

wako shift ngoja waende hiyo 15 min break kwa canteen yenye kila mtu anawaangalia vibaya inabidi kichwa chini ukiangalia ktalk

This tragedy reminded me of the Patel Milmet dam tragedy in Solai ,Nakuru.
Just that less people died on this occasion.

Meaninglessness from pleasure/plenty vs. Meaninglessness from pain/scarcity. Kenya falls in the latter category… hiyo ni fumbo ujifumbulie

True, one minute you’re walking on dry ground, sometimes with the sun still shining. You hear a slight rumbling sound and before you can ask “hiyo ni nini?”, you’re part of the debris. Kwanza Hell’s Gate is dangerous because of the meanders, no one has a clear line of sight. But the KWS is also somewhat negligent, after all the other flooding incidents, shouldn’t they have some kind of early warning system several kilometers upstream?

Whatever happened to that case ?

pia nimeona jamaa ametolea cashier bunduki baada ya kuambiwa sandwich imeisha kwa restaurant

tulisahau kama ilivyo desturi

The survivors were resettled and given new houses.

Nothing new here, same old rumbling and grumbling.

Don’t phuck with mother nature . reminds me of ile mp mkamba swept away by a river akiwa na mrogi

Very sad story ! A local tv station had a live morning show mid August. This country is rotten.


Some fatal accidents can be avoided ! May the victims rest in peace .

When you start to question and compare a nation of 350 million people to one of 42 million then your IQ, mental health and well being also comes into question.

Only fools like you use Whataboutism to advance their points.
Looks like you have never graduated from
Mum “Kwanini uli kula sukari”
Kid Guka “si pia Ann alikula”


Diasporans having a drink with their white friends before coming to finish with guka:D:D

How hard is it for KWS Gate at the Hells Gate to get flash flood warnings from the metrological dept ! or even to monitor via apps etc… But most of this fellows are thicker than the animals they protect !

In other news in Kenyan/ African fashion their was a push to rename Hell’s gate to something more suitable for our supersticious folk to stop the drowning tragedies, just like arap mashamba’s wife went to pray for black spots on our highways expecting divine intervention from the carpenter from 2000 years ago !