This is Guka - Does This Still Happen Guys? Serious People Only..........

OK, I know most of you think I am a tribalist. That’s your opinion.

Any way, just seen a DW documentary on wife inheritance in Nyanza. Eti the inherited woman must first be cleansed (ferked) by a random man WITHOUT A CONDOM.

Does this still happen widely ama these jungus is the usual BS? And why without a condom in these days of HIV? I know hakuwezi kosa one or two cases, but the way they put it is like it’s still widespread. I really doubt it myself.

Anyway, I have not been to that part of the country for 20 years and I would like to know the true extent of this practice.

Pris, pris, pris if you have nothing to contribute except tribalism (if you must know, wife inheritance was practised by most Kenyan communities, including the Gikuyu! so there’s nothing weird about it, it was the social net then) pris keep off.

Asanteni sana.


Hangover namalisa mimi.

I only hear people say, actually media reports, nothing heard from anyone first hand…

Yes, wife inheritance was practiced in most communities however it was not about sex. It was meant to support families left behind. Cleansing is still practiced. There are “professionals” paid to cleanse widows. It is however hush hush (obvious reasons like fgm in Gatundu). Documentation will therefore be non existent or closely guarded if that’s what you are seeking.

Thanks. I was already suspecting it is the usual racist drivel by these jungus. They conflated reports from Boko Haram territory, DRC and the one from Nyanza eti women across Africa face incredible sexual violence. Very racist reporting.

Mimi natafuta pahali kuna bar iko open and yes I know am not serious and yes too am commenting purely to annoy you.

Si talkers hapa wanatomba malaya wagikuyu kila siku bila condom, mbona unakua surprised mwanamke akitombwa bila condom nyanza?

@Mathaais uza mkundu polepole

So the husband dies probably due to HIV. A “cleanser” come to collect slices because he is a pervert and get infected. He does this to all widows to spread the disease further and everyone else. The vicious cycle orangutan thinking.

Terro chola.