This is Guka - Cease & Desist

I am offended that so many of you think that I am a tribalist. I am not. First, I do not come from a tribe, which is a primitive community of one ethnicity. I come from the great Gikuyu race. Most of you come from tribes.

So in that respect the nearest I can be is a racist.

At least grant me that. And am not trolling. This is all true.

Afadhali kuwa tribalist kuliko kuwa homeguard. How can a homeguard be racist? Isn’t kissing mzungu ass a prerequisite?

Ile siku jamaa wa nduthi atakurarua nyahunyo ya mgongo na apotelee kijiji, jua tu ni mimi.

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Hii jamaa ni ultra-tribalist mpaka anasema kikuyus are not even African. Next atasema Kikuyus are the master-race :smiley:

Atasema ni warabu pia.


Mharo thread but where did the bonobo say Kikuyus are not African ?

Weee orangutan tusizoeane. Bonobo ni wewe…salimia Jakipash lakini…


African is a race. So if you come from the Kikuyu Race, it implies you are not part of the African Race.

I am sure we are past this. Gikuyu is a super tribe… A Race. We , the Agikuyu, are the Jews that Migrated South when The Red sea took long to separate. Gikuyu is not a tribe… We are a level below deities, then there are MARTIANS, ALIENS, and the rest come a distant forth. This is not being tribal… it’s a faith basrd assessment

As a shiny-eye individual, I endorse what Clawmatsu has said.

Sawa mshiney Lakeside Edision

Kikuyus this Kikuyus that… cease and desist you 4sil!


Wewe early man not only are you racist, you are tribalist too…Sasa enda ukule njugu na yoghut ukipiga makende ya warthog picha.

kuna siku fala flani ya nduthi iliingia v8 vibaya apo ngong road…
nikaona kioo ikiteremshwa ,nyahunyo ikatokea…akaenda alongside nduthi…
jamaa wa nduthi aliponea tu kujirusha wrong side kama swara:D:D:D:D

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Wewe na Methuselah nendeni mkaokote makaratasi sokoni Karatina.

@Meria Mata ,kujia huyu mzee umpeleke pale kaya Forest ,anasumbua zaidi

:D:D:D:D:D you caught me offguard with this one

This man is loosing it by the day.