This is Guka - Brace for It!

Those spoiled brats in Hong Kong watakipata. The PLA is rolling in in the next 72 hours (according to Kenyan intelligence).

Their lady leader has begged and begged them, but they think their stupid face masks (why they wear them is beyond me since they don’t protect the wearer from anything) will stop Chinese tanks.


Someone has been trying to mess China on all fronts…

China has facial recognition cameras/technology to track its citizens and rank them on social points.


The chinese wanajua these guys need to be brought in line. Hii ni dictatorship and they must be taught how to live in one. The days of liberal british rule are long gone.

watajua hawajui……enjoying the events as they unravel.huyo supreme leader hapendi upuuuussss. yeye na m7 drink from the same cup. mutiny must be destroyed. human rights is for the fickle fools…apan tambua such nonesense

The never had the vote when the British ruled…they were colonised just the way we were. The gavana was a queen appointee…

In 1997 when China retook Hong Kong from its forced colonization by british, Hong Kong made up 60% of their combined economies. By 2018, the transformation of Chinese mainland economy, industry, commerce and cities had reduced Hong Kong to represent only 3% of the combined economies. By 2030, Hong Kong economy will be down to 1% of Mainland China economy. When all the posturing is done, that’s the actual power of Beijing in HK. Its entire economy is not only completely overshadowed by Mainland China but its completely interlinked and beneficial from it.

For example in 1979, Shenzen across the channel in mainland was a poor fishing port compared to the great build of Hong Kong on the other side. In 2019 Shenzen towers over Hong Kong as the biggest Tech city in the world.

Last week the Chinese foreign Affairs secretary was live on some british news channel and they told him of british government insistence that the spirit of the declaration of non interference of HK democracy must continue. He simply told them that britain had misread, misunderstood that declaration from the start. Hong Kong is fully under China since 1997 without any question. britain must remember its world position in 1997 is not the same as is currently in 2019. China treats them currently on reflection of a new global prism with China as a global power. Simply put, go fuck yourselves. We will deal with HK whichever way we want.

Hong Kong has had a long complicated history and infact at times the mainland govt would threaten the British if they fully democratised it.

Unaweza soma hapa if you like:
Democracy in Hong Kong - Wikipedia

Yes, they were colonised kama sisi. But dont you find it strange that they are rioting now that they are back under chinese hands for stuff like freedom of speech etc?

They may not have had the vote, but they enjoyed alot of other freedoms that the chinese dont allow their citizens on the mainland.

When kenya got its independence, tell me (since you were there), was there any rioting or just the opposite?

By Liberal Rule, I mean they had basically almost all freedoms that western democracies had.

Experts mko juu…

The same is already happening in central province. the script used by xi Jinping has been used by Uhuru in central and found to be working . Puppets. Slaves

This happens in mainland and not Hong Kong friend . Hong Kong is a democratic region and have their own autonomy

Yes, I just learnt this now. I assumed it was the same in Hongkong.


You seem to have major beef with Centro, Kwani centro walikula kuku yako?
This thread is about Hong Kong not Centro!

Googling experts.

Lesson on how to organise a demo

We are in the last days 1 country 2 systems. China has completed troops mobilization at Shenzen. I think now they are awaiting orders to move into Hong Kong and take over. Hong Kong is about to be under full community party rule like Mainland China and there is nothing anyone can stop it. Rioters had a Chinese appointed HK leaders who was crying and apologizing to them. Now the gloves are off. A military dictator is coming to rule in HK.