This is Guka - Be Warned, Colonialism 2.0 Has Loaded.................

In the days of Sankara and Gaddafi, and even much earlier during the times of Lumumba and Nkrumah, they would fund an obscure colonel to overthrow our progressive leaders.

Now, in the era of social media and the Internet, that has become PinC; Libya and Syria have put paid to that modus operandi.

Enter the economic hitmen and social engineering scientists. Don’t think its happenstance that faggots across the world - from India to Kenya to Botswana - have all of a sudden decided to go to courts to legalise their aberrant behaviour. It’s planned. And well-funded.

But even more scary is the interference with what is essentially development projects meant to uplift the lives of millions of Africans from poverty. Foreigners are for example funding locals to protest Kenya’s coal power project, even as Germany generates 40 per cent of its power from coal. I met a couple of those paid ‘activists’ in town today.

Now foreigners are trying to block the construction of Uganda’s oil pipeline, saying the country doesn’t need to export oil to develop and could do so more ‘sustainably’ if it relied on agriculture and tourism.

Remember the lobby that tried to block the passage of the SGR in NNP? Or even the ones who opposed the exploitation of the Tana delta eti it would take up an ecosystem useful to birds? Or the ones who have tried to stop Congo’s Grand Inga Project of Ethiopia’s The Grand Renaissance Dam?

It is a mark of our baboon low IQs that many of us don’t see through this neo-colonial shit. Quite simply Whitey knows if we develop and start consuming our own resources at the rate they do then there won’t be any left for him. That’s why he hates China with a passion - they managed to break through.

So, make the right noises and keep us forever under-developed…pay our leaders with beads and flintlocks as the cart away the diamonds, gold, tea and coffee.

Let me end this little rant with an illustration of how we low-IQed baboons are exploited. ‘God’ - whatever you may perceive it to be - gave every continent its animals and plants. The Whites killed all of theirs. Then they moved to other continents and killed off everything that moved, from dodos to pygmies to Red Indians to lions (Kenya lost half its population between 1900 and 1976 when Jomo abolished “game-hunting” - animal genocide.

But now in Kenya, the so-called conservationists are White. One even got a licence to cultivate ‘bamboo’ deep inside Mt Kenya forest…yaani where Dedan Kimathi himself had his base.


Jomo’s wife was a poacher. Hiyo ukienda archives itakuwa confirmed.


And like in the gay case, you can see the White faces that were directing the ‘protestors’ today…

Hii kitu tulisema kazi ya mwafrika ni kwambiwa what next. Coal is much in use in developed world. The steel industry relies heavily on coal.
Mwafrika kazi ni pale NGO, seminars every other week in some posh places, with lots of foods and drinks, then the agenda is set for him.

What many of you don’t realise is that shooting elephants for ‘fun’ was legal until 1976, just two years before Jomo died.

His wife didn’t have to be a poacher to shoot elephants or have them shot for her. All she needed was a licence…

Very true. Funny how we wait quietly for the white man to come up with the next slogan before we pick it and shout ourselves hoarse.

Sasa tunaambiwa the next big thing is electric cars, while Africa has yuuge reserves of oil and natural gas.
If these reserves are well developed, we can pull masses out of poverty and industrialize Africa.
South Africa under apartheid developed partly because of coal. We in Subsahara Africa won’t develop anytime soon, till a time when we develop our energy sector.

actually, it was banned earlier than that. and she was involved in smuggling ivory. POACHER!

true true! and what is worse, is that we manufacture no cars and we are late to the party either way. when they’re far ahead, we’re trudging along trying to reach their last development milestone.

Nikiwaita low-IQ baboons mnateta. A Gugu search would have confirmed that the ban took effect in 1977 after being passed a year earlier. Attached is a peer-reviewed article (the second one)

Its ridiculous for us to have coal and not use it to speed up our electrification and therefore industrialization. Coal can be a source of very cheap energy. Look at these countries that use it:

Since its within our borders, hio ni kitu unaokota tu na kutengeneza power. If uhunye knows what he is doing, these protester should be sent to countries like USA, China and Australia to protest uko about those country’s coal usage

3rd world countries are held down on energy development, which in turn stalls everything else. TZ has yuuge reserves of natural gas, which if well developed, can move that country forward.
Mwafrika banaa ! ! ! And we way we have flooded top universities in the world, for what if i may ask ?’sElephants.pdf (page 20)


i did gugu… asante

Am agreeing with you Guka on all points you have said…apart from the coal power. I really hope we don’t build it from the first go. If it’s power we need let’s just go hydro or Geothermal for we have the potential and a great one. Global warming is already choking us with it’s effect and it’s real, my prayers are we reverse it before it’s to late globally. With coal doesn’t matter the technology, its an environmental disaster.

Coal will cause global warming ? ? ? You are part of the problem.

Kenya contributes less than half a percent to global warming gases. The countries telling us not to exploit our coal (the same ones who tried to block the Ethiopian dam by the way) contribute over 70 per cent of the gases…

Burning coal emits large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. … These emissions have been shown to increase the greenhouse effect in the atmosphere and lead to global warming. What Is the Environmental Impact of Mining and Burning Coal? - dummies

It’s very shitty of anyone to bitch without providing solutions! Arggrrrr, for once write solutions or shut up!

You have to understand that yes they are the largest pollutants but the effects initially start and affects regions in the tropics 10times than it affects them.