This is Guka - Asante @Admin and Moderators....

Once again, HNY.

I want to express my profound and sincere appreciation for your action, following my humble request, to put to an end to the juvenile chokosh wars that were ruining this site.

It was really, really frustrating seeing every thread contaminated with “mama malaya Mlolongo” insults. Good job, good people.

Going forward, please do no not crack down too hard on the odd matusi or witty sweep. These takedowns are the soup with which intellectual discourse is eaten. They are not personal.

Nikiita @magreb nugu don’t ban me. Similarly, mtu akiniita senile POS ama mavi ya dogi ilikufa last year but two ni sawa tuu, maisha inaendelea.

Asante sana. Best and most auspicious wishes to you all for the new year.

MIT, The Oracle of Ndeiya.

Guka niaje … Parkinson’s disease is right around the corner. Remember dat … Nyorosha mali yako sahii sasawa aisee.

Wow yaani pharmacy na clique yake iko siberia


I dont know what went on … but I just had to slap this old fart … a whole thread
[SIZE=7]There,the attention you seek[/SIZE]

Nipatieni dame wa 22 aniwashie jiko vile yule wa Uasin Gishu anawashia yule bachela wa 97…

I blocked those stupid chokoras and my experience here improved tremendously

Pia wewe ni ngiite kama that old maafakaaa…ata nimeona handle yako leo…ghasia takataka

Unataka single mother wa 24 years?

Yes. Bora awe na good supporting documents…

@Electronics4u @Mundu Mulosi Bs Ms Ma PhD and ScD
When did the urchins book a flight to Vladivostok? :smiley:

Excellent, there’s only so much mother insults an elder can stomach.

waliban mkamba mjinga @PHARMACY ?

Guks you are too old to use internet slang… HNY my foot !

Anyway, rathimwo.

Ukahe rii?

Uliacha kuwekea watu camera kwa room?

Hahaha yaani akina @poyoloko na @PHARMACY wanakula Njeve pale Siberia na vile jua inatumaliza hapa kanairo :D:D:D:D

Udeenye yeye na nini,vidole za miguu au…kang’uura gaka

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