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Black Power. Haha. Fill the world with negros for all I care. WHat we need is less Indians.

There’s something each of us can do. Planting trees for one. I met some PhD economics students at a conference I was attending this July. They were preparing to come to Kenya in order to get more data on the climate change crisis situation in Africa, and the implications on health and the economy. Yet you will hardly ever hear our govt making any meaningful strides in this area. We always have to wait for wazungu to tell us what next. Climate change should have been part of the Big 4, essentially Big 5 because that’s the foundation which everything else stands on.

Like you said, the climate apoclayse fixing to hit Kenya will be of biblical proportions. By 2050, upto 1 billion climate refugees from the equatorial south will be clamoring to move up North for food and water. Will the West be so kind to open their borders to black and brown peoples? I think not.

Ironically, it is Kenya who produced Wangari Maathai. She told us what to do, plant trees and stop destroying the environment. However a prophet never has honor in his own country. Instead she faced tough opposition from the government to the point of stripping naked at Uhuru Park because Moi wanted to grab that land and build a sky scraper. That lady (RIP) deserves all the respect and honor in the world and the way we can do it is by following in her footsteps. Plant trees!

dont you ever blame Christianity. why not Islam which advocates women to start bearing children from age 12 years, they are against contraceptive an hold that kazi ya woman ni kuzaa tu.

Care giver apatie mzee piriton kwa balozi/whitecap alale hadi next week.

happy to see you again.

maybe you do not listen at the right places…

[SIZE=6]How the counties fare on forest cover as Kenya strives for elusive target[/SIZE]
Thursday, September 15, 2016 8:56 PHOTO | BD GRAPHIC [](‘ the counties fare on forest cover - GRAPHIC&url=’)

Counties in the Lake Victoria basin have some of the lowest forest covers nationally, signalling the strain on the region’s ecosystem.
Forested catchments are key for the supply of a large proportions of water for domestic and agricultural use.
Isiolo has the highest forest cover with more than half of the county covered by trees while Kisumu has the least cover.
Statistics from the Kenya Open Data portal shows that Isiolo has 1.35 million hectares of forest cover against its total land mass of 2.5 million hectares which translates to 53.45 per cent.
The lakeside county of Kisumu on the other hand has 1,184 hectares of forest cover, which is 0.44 per cent of its total land mass of 267,000ha.
Mombasa, Siaya, Busia, Migori, Kisii and Vihiga follow Kisumu in that order as the least forested despite receiving substantial amounts of rain.
The data highlights the strain of heavy settlements and agricultural activities on tree cover as the country struggles to attain the set target of 10 per cent forest cover.

While I broadly agree with you, there’s something you are ignoring; Kenyans can plant all the trees in the world, but if wazungus continue to spew greenhouse gases at the rate they are, it won’t matter a dime. We’ll all fry sometimes this century.

@magreb Wacha mouth mingi kwenda panda miti kwenyu khasia

The funny thing, Guka, is that some scientists are beginning to doubt the official UN population projections. Look up articles on the population bust.

In most countries, urbanisation and female empowerment has accelerated the decline in births per woman to below replacement levels. It’s true that Africa is the only place growing, but even here it won’t be sustained for long.

They actually believe that human population will peak by as early as 2050 and begin to decline thereafter. Check this Foreign Affairs article. And here too.

The countries which contribute least to greenhouse emissions will unfortunately suffer the most dire consequences of climate change, so it’s upon them to figure out any way they can mitigate that. If there’s a war on resources, only the strongest will survive. How fitting that Prof received a Nobel Peace Prize for her environmental efforts.

I have never understood the psychology of Sub-saharan African’s competition in unrestrained breeding even when they move out of Africa. Ethiopians in USA have an average 4 kids, twice the national average. I sure hope the correction comes sooner than later. Someone needs to tell Africans the painful truth they are too stupid to realize: THEY ARE BREEDING SLAVES FOR OTHER SOCIETIES.

Kenya has a handful individuals who are incredibly educated, talented, dedicated, focused and with great fore-sight but they are oppressed and overwhelmed buy the dumbest most ludicrous clueless voters and political leadership, Sometimes I wonder is democracy is right for everyone???

To answer your last question, democracy is a scam. The Americans and the Chinese know it, which is why they don’t give universal suffrage to everybody…

Here is my my 2 minutes proposal for democracy that I believe can work for Kenya:

  1. No president as head of state.
  2. The country is headed by 7 member council representing 7 regions (provinces or states)
  3. The country is divided in two seven regions
  4. Al members must agree to ratify legislation or constitution.
  5. Election s every 7 years
  6. Council members can serve only 1term
  7. 6 regions can vote to impeach any council member at any time.
  8. Council members rotate every year heading 3 ministries
  9. The member holding ministry of foreign affairs can represent the country as head of state
  10. police force, primary education, health care and agriculture Will be regional
  11. Administration, Defence, postal, judiciary, ports, highways, Treasury, higher education and environment Will be national.
  12. National administration will be be divided as: National, regional, county and district based on population distribution.
  13. Anyone accused of stealing public funds must resign
  14. Anyone charged with stealing public funds can hold a public office or be hired in public service, cannot hold a passport, or do any business with the government and must refund all stolen money with interest while serving prison time.

13.Any person charged with crime and served 365+ days in jail cannot vote or hold a public office or be a civil servant.
14. Anyone charged with a crime and served 365 days day in detention can possess a passport or vote.
15. Any civil servant including police if charged with bribery will have to be fined *5 amount received and mandatory 365 days in detention.
16. Individual voting is based on your annual influence rating determined by how much tax paid. First, felons and illitrates have no voting rights. Primary school graduated have 1 vote, high school graduated have 2 votes, University undergraduates have 3 votes, post graduates have 4 votes, PhD have 5 votes. Annual income over 5M have 5 votes, annual income over 10M, 10 votes.
16. 1 child couple or individual, free education through university if child qualifies, 2 kids 0.5 fee for each child, 3 kids, 0.75 for each child, 4 or more kids full price school fees.

Ok Guka, Purple, leteni maoni yenu tuone… I

The river that almost killed when swimming as a kid ; the water is now knee-deep. Pray pray pray

well, this is idealistic at best. the moment you tell this african who has discovered “democracy” that one person has more votes then the other, expect some panga-wielding mofos to be on the street demonstrating their right to vote for their idiot.

the moment you tell this african that you are taxing him more because of his seeds, expect the churches to pray against you for eons to come and dismiss you as an agent of the ndeffo

regional police would work as long as they dont become a milita for a certain group. i would personally recommend they remain national. for the most part i agree with the corruption part.

meanwhile, OP, seasons come and go. and they will not change. it is for us to adapt and make the environment work for us. But as you said, mwafrika anangojea tu mzungu amshow vile things will be. let us plant trees. Uganda and Congo have tree cover like a nonsense and rains are good. we must do our part and play our role.

Uko na point Guka. I am also for family planning but if as a continent we were able to properly utilize our natural resources especially land that is under sustainable farming, then there’s nothing to worry about even with a doubling of the population.


In Africa, North and South America and Australia, they killed off or enslaved the majority of the indigenous population. The Africa population explosion thing is a myth that cannot scrutiny and is always swallowed line hook and sinker by many so-called learned people. Fact is Africa is mostly devoid of people. The resources consumed by a kid in the USA is 10 times that taken by an African child. It is the wazungus who should reduce their population by a similar margin - 10 times

Na vile munazaana huko Uarabuni ya Nairobi?

I am from UAE

I for one will be happy we move from planting maize/sugarcane through subsistence farming. That in itself makes sure the maize/sugarcane will be costly compared to the world market therefore government has to buy it from farmers for twice or thrice the market price. The vicious cycles continues. The future for our small scale farming, is organic green house farming of our simple various crops and plants needed for daily consumption.

On your clarion call on population, I agree completely. Today Ethiopia just released its unemployment figures. 52 million of its citizens are unemployed out of it +100 million population. Men that is even scary to think about. No wonder they sneak here in truck loads.