This is Guka - Amargeddon is Loading, Thank God I Am Checking Out

Of all God’s (ahem!) crazy creations, the most bizarre must be the African.

Currently, at least 20 African countries, including basically the entire Sahel countries, Somalia, South Sudan, Zimbabwe etc are receiving food aid from the West.

The rest, including the stable ones like Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, etc etc are receiving billions in dollars for health programmes, including for malaria and HIV.

Now, you would imagine that Africans would give something back to the world, some sort of gratitude, by say controlling their population growth.


In the next 30 years - 30 YEARS - Africa’s population will almost double, from the current 1.3 billion to 2.4 billion. Makes you wonder, if African countries can’t feed 1.3billion people now, how will they feed 2.4 billion at a time when the global climate will be apocalyptic?

It is sad, but common sense is not that common. As it is, thousands of (West) Africans are drowning in the Med because their countries have become unlivable.

And yet, across the continent, you still get women getting 7, 8 children eti watoto ni baraka. A god or a White messiah will somehow come to feed their children, they seem to think.

But take it from me, guys, Amarggedon is coming. Nature is never fair or unfair. It is unfeeling. It is relentless. It is supreme.

A correction is coming. In your lifetime. Brace for it.

Brings back memories of the Cambrian extinction, huh? #PTSD

Is too late for land defragmentation through an “Idle land” tax?

That’s band aid (pun intended). Shit is already loaded, especially because of global warming. As it is, without food aid from the West, which is itself crumbling due to, ironically, a falling population, at least 20 million Africans will die in 2020 from starvation. Including at least 40% of the proud Arabs (#%@$&^!!!) of Zoomalia…

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So, guka, what should be done to mitigate … not eliminate the impending Armageddon?

In my humble view, the horse/donkey has already bolted. Just look at any river near your rural home and compare it to just 10 years ago. But if I could wave a magic wand, I would halt any more global warming and take back Africa’s population to about 600million.

I know the TRUTH will hurt them but its the TRUTH nonetheless

first and foremost serious investment in water harvesting bowls like arror and kimwarer…the spinoff of such investments would be immense.

[SIZE=7]Genesis 1:28 [/SIZE]
28 And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it:

What is the mean of the word subdue :-
overcome, quieten, or bring under control (a feeling or person).

synonyms:conquer, defeat, vanquish, get the better of, overpower, overcome, overwhelm, crush, quash, quell, beat, trounce, subjugate, master, suppress, gain the upper hand over, triumph over, tame, bring someone to their knees, hold in check, humble, chasten, cow; [/I]

Guka, we are conquering the earth.

Did not read…but i know u will see ingawa umeniblock…here goes …si ukufe ghasia meffi takataka

For 1000 years, slavery depopulated Africa. It is time Africa repopulated. People ARE resources. Let Africa mothers get back the continent her children

The problem with Africans, they have never dissociated sex with children

They don’t know you can have sex and still have no children

I guess if anyone in the world makes them understand that, they will give him accolades …some honorary degrees …local names …offer them political seats …call you a god or God …even the moronic African way of honoring guests (give them an untainted girl to marry) will be on the table

We Arabs live in deserts …but we never ask for aid


Well, we have higher IQs than these people

over 90% of permanent rivers in Kenya have become seasonal streams. I rate environmental conservation higher than the fight against corruption. In the next 10 years, the level of insecurity in this country will be very high because peasantly is no longer producing enough food for majority of people. Rains have become so scarce and unpredictable for any meaningful planning.

Kunywa sumu

River mbaji is permanent

This season’s maize crop in the entire lower Kiambu region (Ndeiya, Kikuyu, Kabete, etc) has failed due to poor rains. Global warming siyo mchezo, this time round naona kitaumana. Of course we don’t help matters when we destroy our own environment, like the Mau, but I think the problem here is bigger than us. The wazungus done ferked us.

Guka, you forgot that in them, “fast growing countries” they need workforce and who else will they hire in miagre salaries, your guests is right, the black race and that’s how the mordern slavery will never end.

In Africa we are much more focused in spiritual healing rather than finding solutions. Christianity was a big scam that the African countries ever experienced.

  1. We Arabs too need workers
  2. Christianity ni scam

Hiyo hiyo religion of the colonialists ndiyo inaambia Catholics not to use contraceptives. Meanwhile in Rome, where that sect originated from, women are havin less than 3 children…