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TOJ when I read this headline. Meanwhile pale Bukhungu its BBI. Personally I don’t support BBI but if it’s the tool that will ensure RWNBP, so be it. Kitaeleweka. Good day


DTOJ … acha akule ujeuri wake

Toj me too

Mudavadi has no balls.
Wetangula is not incharge of his own bedroom,
Ruto does not need Uhuru, he is a alpha male
Time will prove those supporting BBI wrong, na tutakua hapa kwa kijiji io wakati. Kuchekelea watu.

Na uambiane popcorns iletwe na lorry ile supply ya jana haikumaliza ata dakika tano

mudavadi and weta have no influence whatsoever. kama mzito oparanya ako ndani hio imetosha.
One has to admire wetangula though. This brother has almost zero influence and absolutely no gravitas but the dude continues to place himself into western and national political power games. How he manages to do that still beats me. He is always considered and consulted and actually his presence sought yet he brings nothing on the table…can he even win bungoma governorship?

BBI is the wave that Baba will use to catapult himself to State House. Hapa sioni Ruto akitoboa.

If I was Baba i would take oparanya take charge of this one and use it to completely finish other pretenders from western. for western to develop we need oparanya to take over…he has proven himself pale kakamega

Ruto greed betrayed him.

@Okiya pia him imechomaa Hadi kwa loho.[ATTACH=full]281449[/ATTACH]

But why is the whole media against Ruto though, I thought he acquired controlling shares in a media house or two…he should not let others take charge of the narrative…hata social media bloggers wake hawaonekani tena

Baba hawezi ingia state house. System ilimkataa. He should not fall into that trap because that’s what tanga tanga want. He should confuse them by backing a neutral candidate. Kivutha, Oparanya, Matiangi etc.

Atwoli alisema Ruto hatakuwa Kwa ballot box. A very strong statement

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William Samoei Ruto, PhD


Kenyans should ignore this choreographed, paid-for propaganda nonsense. I was in the office the whole day never in Mombasa.
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Why is Ruto being fought so hard na kuonyeshwa madharau?

aRAPE mashamba amejam na githeri media


the electorate is falling for a trap once again and will overwhelmingly vote remnants of this regime in the next elections, a regime that has made our lives miserable. All this drama is to divert us from the real reason we need a total overhaul change of this regime. For me am not boarding in any of this crap.

This one will be one hell of a ride. 2002 kando. The amount of hate between Arror and Ujinga is enough to kill a herd of full grown elephants.

Both would rather die than see the other being president. God save Kenya

Be nice kukha … Weta atakuskia

Ruto tosa