This Is Dumb AF


Dollar price is determined by simple supply and demand forces.

Our economic metrics are shit snd everyone knows it

Everyone knows 117 does not reflect the true price

The real price is 130+

No one is selling dollars for 117

There’s no shortage of dollars

The dollar is the fucken global reserve currency specifically designed not to run out

In summary there’s no shortage. Everyone just thinks CBK are clowns for setting the rate as 117.

Should we just devalue the shilling and base the economy, we will attract a lot of potential investors na tuwache maringo we be like everyone else in East Africa.

If that’s the case, then it’s safe for me to assume that the Tanzanians should get 1 Ksh for every 14 or less of their Tz sh! Today it’s 19.5.

1 Chinese RMB is Ksh17.5 on Google

:D:D:Dkuna ka ka transfer kanaingia sunday… hiyo ni extra kama 2k hivi… hope itakuwa imefika 120 by then

It’s set that way but nobody us exchanging like that. Enda bodaa point uone. Rate ni 14 kwa money changer

We’re in terrible times, i swear!

Let me tell you something.
We have never come out of recession since the coffee boom ended in 1979.

East Africa is headed for another stagflation that could last 30 years until another kibaki comes along. Saa hi sio time ya kununua magari na luxry, it is time to hunker down like a motherfucka and take stock as you weather the storms. This is the period new billionaires will be minted if you play your cards right. Saa hii manguu ziko exposed mbaya na maloans ans other crap. Their valuation will drop like rocks by the end of 2022. Ngoja hio michezo central bank inacheza ifike mwisho