This is ART!


This is not art, this is moral decay

I like! especially the last one


This is @Phylgee ama namna gani


Hii kitu ijafika kenya maliar wakose biashara naskia the moans will make you DFHKM. :D:D

ulisikia wapi?

unataka kujua ufanye nini?

hata mimi nikasikise

Tegaa sikio utaskia mwishowe

Vipi mzae?

poa mtu wa tu-redio.

Is it you who drew these?

Is this the course content for Bachelor of Arts Degree?

Not these but send me one of your kungurus and I’ll make her fame-ass

This is porn

porn is art,sex is act[SIZE=1] mahatma bangi 1456[/SIZE]

Tugende UG…