This is Art 20: Hyperrealist paintings

And thats what we call talent

More like a gift

totally awesome

Wah! Huyu ni gwiji!

How do you draw the water droplets, ama unamwagilia picha maji

Who is the artist please? Share his name or number kindly?

This guys is the relal OG.


what happened to the guy who drew the president?

Indeed, very cool. I always admire how do people can create something such. When I was studying in university we had a boy in our group who perfectly copied portraits of people, but unfortunately, it didn’t bring him a profit and he ended up working in another profession, not like an artist. I also decided to decorate my room with some stylish prints of animals or people. And I found some that I liked on These are 2 different branches of are but anyway both are very good.

what’s the use when we have 10K cameras?