This is actually happening, on British soil! Unbelievable.

I wonder what her father would say about this, the Queen that is.

Naskia knifings in London zimekuwa a kawaida thing.

Her grandson has left the royal family and moved to Hollywood a very RISKY move if Prince William was to suddenly die. Harry would have to be next in line and yet he is hiding in America, an enemy country to the British throne! Essentially Harry should live in Canada or another commonwealth country definitely not in America.

Three places the British royal family shouldn’t live in : the U.S, Rome and Russia. The U.S was the colony that defeated England.

And then you have this kind of visuals below from London the seat of power, the throne of England!

I would fire the head of MI6 immediately if I was that lady. This is unacceptable!


In the old days Prince Harry would probably be beheaded for abdicating/running away.

What he is doing is actually treason but the Queen seems unconcerned. The UK has become a joke.

Why is his voice so scary? goosebumps

The monarchy will collapse soon and black princes and princesses will start filling the palaces.

If the dead monarchs comes back from the dead they would desire to die again.

Huyo cucu ameshindwa na kazi. Maybe she is too old and should do like the Japanese Emperor and abdicate preferably to Prince William not Charles ndio aanze kujipanga mapema. London has become a shithole, stabbings daily by Muslim immigrants. Pickpockets nao ndio hao. The throne needs young blood.

Too much freedom and toleration. France is headed there. Muslims shouldn’t even be given a chance to express themselves.

That old hen can’t let go. She doesn’t even care about her son who is getting so old.

Wote waachie kiti vijana.

Well, Europe is an occupied state, too late now. These people you see there are in a protected class. You can’t tell them anything, the leftist media covers for them. The root cause of it…#Wokeism, BLM, feminazism, they are all animated by a hateful communist spirit.

Nimesoma the communist Manifesto and Das kapital by the great Karl marx and all Trotskyism literature na sikuona anywhere advocating for things you have mentioned above. Leave communist out of “wokeness” problems.

That’s what happens when you colonize a third of the world

The three leaders/founders of BLM are Marxists and those are the ring leaders of “wokeness”.

The professor who crafted wokeness and BLM is also a marxist since the 1970s. The protests being employed of scaring the public to accept their agenda is also similar to those used by communist youth parties e.g the Communist Youth leagues of China that Chairman Mao unleashed on the public during the Cultural revolution. In fact Chairman Mao was guarded by those Youth leagues and he routinely unleashed them on his party enemies. And they harrased people on the street just like Blm and Antifa do.

Halafu wanauliza ati Samantha Lethwaite and friends walitoka wapi. What happened to sijui MI5, MI6, Scotland yard etc?

Or maybe they have also become woke like the CIA and FBI.


Wow. This looks like a scary terror organization protesting in broad daylight! Are we sure this is the UK not Afghanistan?



Cullors was one of three founders of BLM. She was recently revealed by the New York Post to own four properties and a mansion in a white neighborhood in Los Angeles, and was described by Chinese netizens as the “American version of Sima Nan.”

Sima Nan, a Chinese pundit and a famous “Wumao,” or paid CCP commentator, is best known for his online support of the CCP and criticism of the United States. When the Chinese public reacted with shock after finding out that Sima and his whole family also live in the United States, he allegedly explained that “Anti-America is my work, staying in America is my life.”

Likewise, the video clip of Cullors attracted many to share it on social media.

According to a 2014 article on Sohu, one of the search engines and CCP’s online media outlets in China, “Mao’s Quotations” was edited and published by the People’s Liberation Army Daily in 1964, and was issued to all the soldiers and officers of the army “like weapons,” as ordered by Lin Biao, then Vice-Chairman of the CCP’s Central Military Commission. It was issued to the general public soon after and became the cornerstone of China’s Cultural Revolution. By 1966, Mao’s Quotations was used as a textbook in Chinese schools.

Europe has to take a stand and ban muslims from their country b4 its too late, kuna some european countries zilisema they are christian nations na hawawezi kubali syrian and other muslim refugees in their country, saa hiii hawana hizi mashida za germany na france. they have strict rules concerning islam the way the rules are in saudi arabia concerning christians

The UK is a scary place.


soon you hear “Prince Ali Muhammad Khan Duke of Edinburgh” , later you will “Amin Imran Abdulla” the UK prime minister, already some all calling London “Londonistan” , years to come we hear , the muslim state of England. It is called liberalism and “secularism” it is eating France and the UK is the next victim.

You are too naive…
You have to dig and find the “true” masters and their end game

@Finest wine are you safe in UK?

I agree…no where in Middle East, including UAE where a lot of foreigners (Christians) reside will you ever see Christians protesting or even evangelizing. They follow very strict gov’t guidelines as to how they should conduct their religions and only carry out their religious activities in private.

Muslim radicals in the UK taking it out to the streets with their “jihad” threats is very frightening.