This Irene Kendi must be Truman Capote


See the consistency between these FB posts and Truman’s threads on ktalk:


I agree with Irene 1 million percent on the 1st post. Mtu atafute mama nguo if he cannot do his own cleaning. Period! Dating a dude does not mean I am his housemaid. Will cross that river when he puts a ring on it.

Kuna wenye wanafulia boyfriend mpaka ngotha. Na kumsugua Kwa bafu

Hapo ndio they sell themselves short from the get go. It sends the wrong signals to the bloated male egoists. Ati ako hapo remote in hand, beer on the table na mimi naanguka na manguo, mopping the floor, cooking alafu msekete…hihihihihihihi. Never can this be Ms Waitherero.
But what am I saying and some women today are giving the men some money for their dowry?

Hahaha. A village girl from Meru. She studied Education at Kikuyu Campus of UON. Student Politics made her very exposed. During Jubilee campaigns her and wambui Nyutu we’re jubilee Angels. They entertained Jubilee Bigwigs. She was then employed by Margaret Kobia the CS as something. Before that she was also close to Atwoli where she used to provide entertainment and protocol services.

Niwachie hapo. Nawasilisha ujumbe.

Alit*mbwa na Atwoli mpaka akawa mjinga

Kuna wenye wanajifanya desperate Sana mpaka dume inagonga vitu na kuingia Karura bila kuambiwa

How do you crush patriarchy by refusing to go build your own house?

This is a mad woman

Most of those ladies take the responsibility of doing the house chores at their sole discretion without anyone forcing them. Who am I then to tell her to stop…in her mind she’s showing you affection and care by looking after your mancave. It’s an intrinsic nature in women to be nurturing and a caregiver so no one should put blame on them nor the man, wewe ndio ulijileta kwa nyumba na ukajiamulia kufanya kazi nilikuwa najifanyia before we met.

Wooooi, wooooooi, wooooooi

Who came up with this stupid fallacy that men and women are the same? Ujinga mtupu!! Our anatomies are very dissimilar as well as the hormones that make one a man or a woman…We are not and never will be the same period!

I would like to imagine that these men then take care of the woman’s financial needs as they should. Like giving her some cash, treating her out and footing all the bills, remembering her birthday with a nice pressie in hand but alas alas alas! wengi wanawachwa at the street lights.

If it gets to a point where a man is doing all those things for her, it’s because he’s wooing the chq but not as a mode of compensation for the house chores she decided to voluntarily take care of. With this in mind, when the said man doesn’t take care of her bills and what not, he should not be questioned nor chastised coz there was no agreement in effect to that… there’s a reason people formalise marriages legally, both parties mutually agree to take care of each other till death/divorce and is recognized by the law.

You are contradicting yourself bigtime. The man is not being forced to provide for her either. He should use his common sense. All good relations are give and take.
And yes these gestures from both should happen within a marriage. That was my point in the 1st instance…not during the dating period. Nimejileta kwake but I was not coming to scrub his floor…was coming to chillax…not be his skivvy.

So you want him to cook, mkule nyote, aoshe vyombo, wewe ukiwa na remote hapo kwake ??

Nope not at all. I just will not be washing clothes and moping floors. I can also come with food from my house or order a takeaway or we go out and go dutch on bills. If he cooks for me, I will clean the dishes! Dating should be fun for both not a one sided investment on the man or the woman. We are in 2020.

Women with this logic make for terrible wives. Just imagine dating a man who says the equivalent as far as sacrificing for their partner. Hawa ni wale wanawake who end up running roughshod over their husbands.

Sounds reasonable. Ordinarily, dame yafaa apike, afanye hizo house chores, on her own volition. Its not like guys cant do it. The man will reciprocate by taking her out, maybe buying her a dress etc.

So its a win win. Sioni shida kama each party does what they feel like doing bila kusumbuana. Apike, afue etc. Sioni shida mimi.