This Idiot Should Have Been Shot.

Nairobi traffic police on Friday, July 2 arrested a man caught on camera stealing a car’s side mirror in a traffic jam on a busy road in the central business district.

The man was identified after a video recorded by a motorist went viral on Thursday, July 1. In the video, the brazen robber is seen walking up to the car, plucking the side mirror, and making away in a haste. Officers from the Kamukunji police station tracked the suspect down and nabbed him within 24 hours of the robbery.

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:D:D:D:D:D hiyo ndio kukimbia na haste?

@Hmmmmm kwa nini unanipenda ? fungua roho

Wameanza kuchangamkia side mirrors za CX5 :rolleyes:

there was nothing effective about the arrest that thug works for the police cartel. so pressure ilikuja wakaambia jamaa ajilete ataachiliwa na police free bond arudi job.

Yaani @Mimi Namwagiwa Ndanii umeshindwa kuvumilia?

Yeah. Zimekuwa kama uniform siku hizi so obviously spare parts ziko na market.

niaje nguruwe, lately you’ve become obsessed with me. sorry mehn i do blonde women only, i dont do black anymore

Any sane person knows that that burukenge is well known to cops kwanza wa Kamukunji. Since da pooolice cannot afford their cover being blown, hapo ndio unasikianga jamaa imebidi ameshikwa ama amemadwa. It’s very common uko Eastlands.

Kwani ulichange dini lini?