This "Heroes Day"

Can we set another day to celebrate our Freedom heroes and all those who lost their lives in liberation of our Nation.?
Mediocre villagers have over-taken this day to celebrate their parents and spouses as if they are doing anything special that other parents n spouses don’t do.

I am thinking of a day similar to the Victory Day celebrated in Russia after winning the 2nd war and defeating NAZIsm,…a day so clear and pure.

Otherwise the meaning has been lost.

Acha tu…ctasema kitu have a nice mashujaa day.

Ngombe, who are you to decide?

Shudda said that meaning has been lost on YOU!

Impressed with luhyia prayer…but disappointed dude is in traditional regalia but praying to ‘nyasaye wa mwikulu’ instead of WERE khakaba…why mix the two?

Na kwani leo hakuna official mashujaa thread where we post what everyone one else is watching on TV?

Naona wabukusu wanatingisha mabega…but why do they dress men in feminine looking attires? …don’t tell me ni costume.

:D:D had not noticed

wamekataa President Musalia Mudavadi of western Kenya asalimie watu na aseme one or three things.

madharau kubwa sana kwa watu yetu bana.But he is a humble guy. Peace