This happened last night

White boy Saturday night “fun”

Black boy reaction


Another Darwinianesque harvest. life goes on perhaps with some lessons learnt.


Goddamn!! He’s ALIVE!



some derring do…unfortunately the meaning of party changed from a get together with a cake and milk to drugs and plenty of alcohol.

That thread has some hilarious reactions.


We’ve all done some crazy stuff in our teens, but climbing an electric pole with a beer in your hand?? That takes some “talent” and has a brutal end.

hope he doesn’t have kids already… Nostradumbass

how many fingers lost?

What? :smiley: Niggers actually do the dumbest things.

Everybody does dumb shit. But there’s some shit you’ll never see a nigger do. Like try to kiss a lion, or climb up an electric pole with a beer in your hand… Some shit white people do, like shoot themselves out of a cannon or put their heads inside an alligator’s mouth is strictly white shit.

Ho’s fighting each other in the street over a burger is more acceptable than rednecks pulling guns on restaurant servers because they ran out of chicken sandwiches!

Did you see that video of a white girl mauled by cheetahs when she decided to “live with nature”? Darwin collection.

You forgot bangi.:D:D:D:D:D

drugs and plenty of alcohol.

Alcohol is not a drug?

what you are doing now is splitting hairs. game ya ass-nol imeanza

Kuna talker alitembea na simba kama ameichuna mkia


kuna huyu mwengine