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Not that am celebrating this guys situation but sasa you can imagine how people dont have jobs out there… besides c kila mtu anagonja kazi tuliambiwa zinakuja

For John Kariuki Mwangi, life has been nothing to smile about. He’s learned yes but that is all he can say of the positives.
John is an orphan and he can’t tell who his relatives are.
He schooled at NJENGA PRIMARY SCHOOL at Githiga, Githunguri Sub-County, Kiambu County. He later joined STAREHE BOYS CENTRE where he did his KCSE in 2003. He scored A-.
He joined KENYATTA UNIVERSITY for BACHELOR OF SCIENCE (Bio Technology) DEGREE. That was in the year 2005.
It was all real struggle trying to get enough for school fees. He was not able to secure enough from HELB. He could defer his schooling once there was not anything for school fees. But on 5th July 2013 he graduated and set off to fend for a living.
Unfortunately for John, he has never gotten a job 4 years down the line. He knows no one and he has no one to hold his hand. He fends off in the streets of Nairobi.
Once in a while he gets someone to give him a mkokoteni to help people transport luggage from one point to another within town.
John tells me he would really love to have a job or even a small business to sustain him. But he doesn’t have means.
I am sharing his story to help us help him. You have a little you can share with him? You know someone who can help him? Please help.
If you can SHARE this story you can help us reach even more of your friends and together we can do more.
I’m sacrificing my lunch today to see him off the streets. Together with your support it can get even better.
You can send your donations to:
PAYBILL: 891300

Con. Corn. Cone. Gone.


@curfew kwani leo umepotelea wapi? Wacha nivalie sport shoes kwanza…

Kuja nikubuyie lunch!

Chips na guarana?

hehehe alafu nikugware !..

Wuuuuwi! Ndio sababu nimevaa Sport shoes. Hapa inabidi nikutoke Mbio, sitaki kubomolewa; until nipate confirmation wewe sio?


Mwambie Yohana (John) nimemtumia kitu kwenye hiyo nambari.

enda ukamuliwe na atis de

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Here he is.

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Eish… apana Pwaaaaana

AlifanyaBioTechnology akitaka kupata job wapi?

As gathee said above. We do not negotiate with conmen!

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On a serious note joblessness in Kenya among the youth is a big problem. I followed that post in FB and was saddened reading the comments. Instead of the youth addressing this issue they start politicizing things… Ati ooh si wewe ni mkikuyu ambia Uhuru akupe kazi. What fuckery is this banaa?

I am a member of several groups in FB and sometimes when I go thru the posts napata someone posting a post like insomnia… A post that was posted kedo 3am. Alafu unapata 100s of replies. What does that tell u? It tells u all those Pple that replied at that hour are jobless. I mean mtu anarauka kazi kesho yake can’t be awake at that hour

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KALRO au JKUAT Enterprises, Monsanto, Kenya Seed and so on…just examples

…but i have issues with his grooming

leo nilikuwa kwa hii kijiji saa kama hiyo sababu usingizi ulinihepa tu. nilirudi kulala baadaye na nikaamka nikaenda job…

This is a con, those certificates look soo clean, like they are well kept in a neat environment, not the chokora owner.

Nigga is schizophrenic, nimecheki kule Grp KE atapewa job na PS fulani shiny eyes.