This guy is just hating.

Kazi ni kuongea mingi. How did he even get his wealth juu sinjawahi kumuona kwa kotini.


Hehe…But he’s right.

Wachana na uhuru aonje mafuta. yaani ameona hata hatangoja pipe ijengwe ataibeba na lorry…

Unaona vile anakemea Nanok. Poor Nanok and his poor people. Mkipata hata 0.000001% per cent of the crumbs furahini tu. Kenya ina wenyewe.

Ati watu wasifikirie tumbo… kwani mafuta ni ya kazi gani Mr. President? People want to live like Saudis or Kuwaitis! People want to live like you Mr. Uhuru… hio maisha wewe unaishi na family yako. Sio wewe pekee yako.

Usiwai tence, :D:D:D

Oil is good but with our reputation in corruption hii kitu itatumaliza. With the way the president dwelt on weapons and war I guess he senses a possibility of someone trying to short change turkanas and pokots in future… that route would make Niger delta conflict look like child’s play.

it’s even more expensive to transport it …fuelwise

Uhuru born with a silver spoon in his mouth does not care for the poor. He proves it every single day. He sees them/us as votes and nothing else. Ndio nikiskia mtu akisema sijui Gideon Moi I feel like dying. We cannot have back to back leaders who think hunger and dieting are the same thing.

This is likely to turn out to be the mother of all scandals.

Aki ya nani akiruka hao Turkana that will be cursed tainted money. Na anajua vile wako na shida mingi na wamevumilia miaka mingi. mbona sasa ukule pekee yako?

Just do the right thing. Build a simple refinery there if you can. Sasa Nanok anaona tu malorry zinatoka mbio mbio ndio hio imeenda… bye bye! Bye bye Turkana oil. Hope to see you again.

Si ufungue a real open accountable oil sovereign fund like Norway and share the national cake. Jenga university ya mining hapo hapo Turkana. Ati the initial oil won’t be profitable, so don’t be optimistic… sawa tu.

Another scandal loading… kwanza hizo trucks zinapita route gani tukamue hiyo crude oil iko nini

Boss, stop peddling pure lies.

We are at the stage where commercial oil production has not even begun. We are at the early phases of testing the market.

Tullow is extracting 2,000 barrels per day only. The price of oil today is $ 65.8. Assuming no spillage on the way, that’s about $ 137,000 per day. That’s not so huge to make a big difference. Commercial production is expected to take place post-2020, more likely from 2022

As much as I don’t like DKB, he has hit the nail on the hit. We are far from hitting the commercial production levels.

I guess they are still doing exploration in other areas, perhaps they will decide to build a refinery at a more central location. According to reports published elsewhere, a while ago, the potential oil on our side of the continent could be more than that on the west side of Africa.

What we need is to see happening is for local Sacco’s and co-operatives given a chance to invest in the oil.


The Kenyan Oil was announced to the Western world a long time and companies invested and citizen bought the shares - while the Kenyan’s were kept busy with Political in fighting, no wonder Ugandans don’t want their oil to be tangled with the Kenyan pipeline and Tanzanian want nothing to do with Kenya. What has happened here could infiltrate and contaminate them.


Kwani ni kama ile mining ya Gold,quarry inatoshana na Nairobi mzima only for one to get 2 carats of gold.

Altogether Bica ya Mafuta ikienda coast or nothing is happening

He he he, huy is not hating, just reminding us how much a joke we are.

ako right.

Wacha nika tafute buroti huko…

Nanok shouldn’t salavte on the oil.

Turkana has a lot of virgin and fertile land just wasting away. He if can have more Turkanas farming he could change the wealth of the county. Then he works on building Tourism with lots of hotels to bring visitors, Then they have energy if he can secure land for a solar plant the county can be earning money which will benefit the county since they’ll have electricity in all its cities and towns.

Turkana is my favorite county people see it as a wasteland but it’s very rich.

nilisema hata turkana wakichimba vibranium njaa haitawahi isha huko. the president of the day will just come and flag planes to ship it to Songdo.