This guy is a gày


uwesmakende anapenda hawa ladyboys


Buttricia patco liked one second after the post:D:D:D

The guy is just trying to make money:D

For celebrities, if he is one, all P.R is good P.R. he will probably be trending

Hata Kama ni hustling…inafaa limits kidogo. Ukiambiwa utingizie ndume kinyambis upewe cash, will you do it? It means he’s enjoying dressing as a lady…huyu ni lady boy :smiley:

Didnt he also post that he’d lick Kibe’s neck and suck his nipples or something of that sort during their spat? Quite telling

Recently I looked at his hands and I was like they look like a woman’s hands. Eric is tutti frutti even his natural voice and his laughter is effeminate. His sponyo Wanjigi is Catholic so let him not push his luck.

You can make money without this. This is Kenya and we will never accept homosexuality. Never ever. Achunge b4 he loses the popularity he’s courting so hard. Dennis Karuri ndio alimkaribisha kwa cross dressing?

Eric Omondi is a bottom homosexual like @cheekbusta , @WIGSPLITTA

Atleast Andrew Kibe the guy he dissed hachunishwi skuma.

Acha mjamaa atafutie mtoto school fees.

Why are you gay?

He does come off as a queer. Even if “Queer” is a thing out there, he acts like one.
This country’s thresh-hold for what we consider comedy is very low. Lots of retards and “specials” cracking up at the sight of cross-dressers and effeminite crazies.

He is obviously gay. There’s a fine line between acting feminine roles and being obsessed with cross dressing.