This Guka - Feedback Yangu

As you all know, I rejoined this forum just the other day. I took a break when the new interface was introduced.

Given the long break I took, it’s like am a new member. My insights are not contaminated by your low-IQ bonoboish opinions.

So @admin, here’s my two cents worth (and please note am using a phone)

  1. Fix the darn headline groups. Kama forum inaanza na ‘General’ inafatwa na ‘sex and relationships’ Wacha that order be maintained. Member activity should not change the forum’s order.

  2. In the same vein, all contributions should follow the order in which they were posted. Post ya Jana should never, ever come above post ya leo. Using secondary replies to determine post order is just chaotic.

  3. When somebody replies to another’s comment, the latter should be truncated to just a few lines. The entire comment to which one is replying to should not be seen - the bulk of it should be hidden.

  4. Ferk you all.


Good luck getting admin to listen to your input. Ni vichwa ngumu. They just don’t care.


We have told hardmeans severally about that. They are hard, mean and static. Mashetani,

Guka … @administrator na mtu wa turedio @Electronics4u ni watu bure bloody fuckin’ burukenge. Ni kama they enjoy shitting on their own plate…

Waturedio amekalia boro ya @MTINGIZA_KITANDA

Fuck u too guka…thought gout ilimaliza wewe

Mkubwa how is the restaurant coming along?

That is what we’ve been telling this ghasias but ni vichwa maji hawaskii jambo lolote

I keep saying this - admin ni mbwa.

They’re milking those pornhub ads kama ghasia.

Which one sir? We start some and sell others…

Ara, kumbe you guys have raised these issues?

Then Wacha niulize, nini huwa mbaya na nyeuthi? Feedback kama hii should be taken with a bit of seriousness…

The one you were seeking a designer guy for. You mentioned here that you had done the landscaping and other touches already.

Alisema waliuza…elders walikataa kwenda ku support mzae

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