My question is, kwani they can’t use cars that were already there before they took over? Ama it’s a must they acquire new ones?FB_IMG_1679379471939.jpg

Mijinga kïpiiiiii mumama zaidiiiii umekaaa hivi fuaaaaaa ukihara ukinyamba ukidunga ukinusa uvundo ukakuambia wewe na muhahe yooooooooote ya watu wenyu wewe ndiwe wa kwanza na hii stale news? Brare taktaka ghaseer imbilisi nyeusi

:D:D:D every time you comment, I expect to see sense but you always end up disappointing me. Si siku moja, just write something other than your usual abuses so I can see if you are worth engaging or ignoring

We no longer take seriously people who were quiet as Uhuru and his handshake brother looted the country dry.
And the Azimio githeri media that stood by.

Fuck the government

sasa jagathi akalie kiti imenyambiwa na mwizi wa sugoi? [SIZE=1]useless government![/SIZE]

Empty coffers.

Wrong time for this to be happening.

Throw in the 50 Class…

This handshake excuse is overused.

Look for a new excuse you Ruto cock suckers

Even a kindergarten child knows that if Raila was invited to government today, the demos would stop, the goons would go home, and everything would be calm.

Internalize that. No handshake.

Raila’s transparent hostage attempt will hit a brick wall.

Hawana aibu