This girl will never forgive her mother for introducing her to murderer Jowie. Internet never forgets

Now that Jowie is convicted… This girl will see the type of men that her mother introduced her to…The Internet never forgets. She will one day read about Jowie…

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The highest bidder atapewa mkia bila lube. Ukishow Dem uko financially stable utapewa style zote

Itabidi unice mtoi pia

You are overthinking my braza Mashavu. It’s never that serious. Mtu husahau. Maisha Huwa na mambo mingi saidi


They could be relatives.

Hoes be introducing kids to random fucckmates damaging the kids.
Women of ke are vermin

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@administrator @Electronics4u ban this ghaseer.

Or at least make him blur the kid’s face

Uko na number ya huyu madam?