This girl needs help from another girl

Haya kabla niseme story I’m sure this might be the wrong platform but CL wame flag post yangu(shocker).

Anyway I’m a chic kuna boy beste yangu, just friends anataka twende coast next month for a few days . So anataka I hook him up with one my friends cause dryspell and all so twende sote pamoja.
Problem is though, sina any female friends aki and they were to meet by Sato wajuane beforehand.

Aki si dame mmoja hapa ajitolee and pose as my long term buddy twende na wewe.Everything is taken care of ni kwenda na basi na kurudi na gari personal yenye anaendea…kitu 3 days hivi. You and I can meet beforehand as I feed you on what to say. Who knows, maybe we’ll be best buddies

It sounds ridiculous to ask, but is there any other platform naeza pata solution like urgently?

@Kimakia plizz save us your menstrual drama… vaaa tampon pore poree

Guys you were Warned by @mzitomimi about trusting strangers

Saaa nini nimefanya

I warned them too,now some fella is saying that is me…

:D:D:D ktlalk has gone to the pigs. Ile ilikataliwa cl hapa inakubaliwa.

Si mna upuzi

Unaleta chieth ya CL hapa na ni juzi tu a talker in here karibu afunguliwe server in the guise of being supposedly hooked up with a lady. Same script ghasia hii


Sadly, this @digi -riosis seems to be a highly transmissible and contagious sickness that appears to spread in this Kijiji…I stand for renewed call for greatness of this Village!!

I said this few days ago. KTalk is no more

Kenya Talk Heading To the DOGGS - Sex & Relationships - Kenya Talk

You sound like another talker haina haja niku exposee it will compromise my other handle

enyewe kuna maboy misserable!!

:D:D sii wewe ni @mycmas

Si useme tu it was @Kimakia , kwani atakukula ! that guy was Kimkia

Huyu ndio nani Bibi yako ama?

Si @Kimakia pekee, iko ghasia ingine kwa hii thread hapa: Be careful guys - Sex & Relationships - Kenya Talk