I’m talking about the hooligans born from year 2000 and later, akina @Tauren Otieno, @Jimit Ouma, @cheekbusta Owiti, @miritiandes Odhiambo, @Heke Wanjiru, @LeVoyeur Nyambura et al.

The TikTok generation.

These cunts threw morals and manners out of the window. They are lazy, disrespectful and feminine. They don’t even respect their elders (Confirm hapo chini kwa comments) makumanina hao.

Entitled motherfuckers. They desire ‘microwave success’. They want it overnight. They want the Bentleys, the mansions, the Rolex watch and the billions without putting in the work. Hence they take shortcuts; they venture into drug dealing, fraud & all manner of criminal activity.

They carry themselves like women; they wear skinny jeans, earrings and lip gloss. Umbwa kama @miritiandes nashuku huvaa thong.

They apply girlish hairstyles. Then they become emotional when you call out their bullshit (check hizo nyangau kwa comments). Back in the day, these mannerisms were only reserved for women!

Even worse are their wives to be. Ideally, your wife should be at least 5 years younger than you. So their wives ni ma born-2005 :D:D:D

Women in our era were decent, submissive and well mannered. Nowadays young girls have no self respect. Their bodies are flooded with tattoos, nose rings, clit rings and asshole rings. They dress extremely inappropriately. Even commercial hoes don’t take it that far.

Compare this traditional woman:

To @Jimit 's wife:

No competition.

Tough guys kujeni tupigane hapo chini kwa comments.

Sawa mkuu, nmekuskia. Nitadivorce bibi wangu, then ningoje mwenye utamzaa, umleee ipasavyo then nimwoee. I will still be young by the time she’s hitting 20. Si Leo ako 40s na anadate vitu less than 25. Sande sana

@Mrs. Chantel this is the second warning stop mentioning me in your meffi posts or i unleash my full chokosh mode on you…mbwa ghaseer


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umafwi thread



Zoea Gen-Z. They value social connectedness and independence.

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They get their life values from tiktok


You failed to teach us the proper values.

Enda usome the HOLY QURAN… especially the part where they prophecy the how it is going to be in the end time…lazima hizi vitu zihappen Na hatuwezi zuia

:D:D:D:D:D mmeanza chokosh wars na violence hii asubui yote?

Faggots and closet Gaaayyyys … :D:D:D