This gender is a pain in the ass

Do they feast on ignorance ama?

I swear vile mimi niko iLI would rather stay single at this rate badala ya kushinda nikibembelezana , Its where i draw the line on I cant tolerate most of their bs, including this one right here.
Ama ni utoto?
Why would you cross paths na your friend ukose kurudisha salamu? Or get texted a simple greeting ukose kujibu

Honestly ya lot deserve all the crumbs , menses and not to forget excruciating pain during childbirth. Ile ujinga iko kwa akili yenu ni mingi zaidi, Meffi nyinyi…

:smiley: the only reasonable woman is a prostitute:D

Their reasoning goes as far as their head up their own ass.
They all the same conniving assholes.

Hii gender hata sijui ililetwa duniani kufanya nini, so much loose ends and liability.

Hata nimekumbuka vile nilitombewa girlfriend, shait :confused:

They all deserve anything just because they carry womb otherwise…

:D:D enda kwa bar ulewe uwache kua na feelings za umeffi

Kijana imelishwa blue ticks

Hebu load hiyo hekaya

Kijana mwanamke ni ya breeding mapenzi achia r-n-b singers. Tombaaa mtu kama ume park your belongings na umekataa bus ya embobut forest.

:D:D:D:D… with women you have turn blind eye otherwise your bp will be through the roof … juzi when jada was putting will on blast she had the nerve to say “if you love me you should know how I feel inside” and the other old hugs went along with that nonsense. Apparently men have superpowers.
I watched that clip in utter disbelief.

Don’t hate women bruh. Take them seriously or ignore them when it suits you because you cant change their nature. Use that knowledge to your advantage.

according to the dictionary a SIMP is a NINCOMPOOP . so wewe @SledgeHammer ni mafi takataka in my eyes

Angusha hekaya tukuchekelee:D:D:D:D

Dont they tire? Walai sioni umuhimu kabisa kukaa na mwanamke nyumba moja.
They are like possesed or something.
Nikama wako na hate button on auto pilot They just switch automatically na you did nothing wrong.
Manzi nimependa, namgawia mali yangu poa tu, Tunaelewana alafu suddenly she starts bitching. I swear this random fuckers dont deserve companions

Women are children in adult clothing.

Treat them as such.

Aaaaaargh save me this radicalised Bs banae, The world doesn’t revolve around them .

Alot of these women walking out here suffer from NPD, Narcissistic Personality Disorder. It’ll do you a world of good to research and be aware of the tell tale signs of these demons.

Na btw, ukipatana na hawa mashetani NPD, jua hawaezi badilika. Dawa ni kufunga/ kumfungisha virago.

So ulikua unadai gender gani iletwe?? Ukikua unadai mbomoane?

:D:D:D:D:D… MGTOW=FREEDOM… kijana you shouldn’t " think" about a creature whose sole purpose is breeding and pleasing you in bed ,any other engagement with such creatures will lead to premium tears

A gem of advice:D:D not forgetting to be close to a nearby forest incase things get toxic

After knowing women’s true nature, and the fact that you cant change them, the only thing left is to adapt. Give them attention if it suits you and ignore them when it doesn’t suit you.

mbona unacatch juu ya dem?