This forum is ghost town. Who killed it?

Admin do something to revive this forum. It used to be tough to go for days without logging in. Siku hizi people seem to go away for even weeks at a time

we support BBIsiMuhimu

Mimi huwa hata sifiki sex and relationships unless I’m tagged.

Ati atia? Mbisha za kisenge ndo zilikua zinaachwa hapa?:D:D:D:D:D

Ameniekelea lakini haina noma. The troll old guy ndio hupenda kuweka such pics

My bad. It was @MajorProphet and @patco collabo.

I’ve noticed that too, I guess it’s because of the continued lockdowns, joblessness, despair we are all going through.
@Purple how are you I hope you are well

Misery loves company. People are happier and more introspective instead of chasing mind numbing pursuits, instead tranquility and alone time in abundance, the pandemic has given them perspective about what is really important in life, so it’s just change of priorities. Which clearly means growth. It’s actually a good thing. Take your goth colored glasses off. And smell the roses.

@patco and his crew killed this place.

Sasa tafta @Pomegranate umkojolee pia ndo tukuogope

@administrator mkundu wewe pipo like @captain obvious @patco ndio walifanya watu wahame hii kijiji yako. Tulihamia telegram Kwa meria mata. If you don’t reign hii kijiji it will die a slow natural death. Hata ujaribu kuwapea customized title we are not boarding. Siku hizi i transverse in Reddit and eMeMNN CHAT IN TELEKRAM.

:D:D:D Sasa unataka kulia? Mbona bado uko hapa? Fuck off mjamaa, what do you contribute here? Kumanina wewe.

Niko fiti.

It would be funny if you weren’t so elderly.

ingia reddit ama 9gag… this place is dead

When i first came across this kijiji, it was an alternative to Twitter. Actually, stories would break here before social media took them up. Was informative. Gone to the dogs, literally.

Instead of constantly whining, si muende tu jameni? How hard is it to just log out?

It’s another forum that you have destroyed old man. :smiley:
In real life and in online forums you repulse people like fresh shonde.

I think its very difficult to defend a govt. All bad things are heaped on the leader of the govt and soon even the most ardent of that govt defenders give up. Just like akina Itumbi and the Jubilee bloggers. This is what is happening here. Wakijaribu kudefend @patco and crew wanawapiga ngeta. So wana avoid.

Look for psychological help.
You are alone in this.